Get The Right Bridge Set-Up For Performance Strength Training

Tap into the flexibility that a functional training bridge set-up can offer and transform your workout space.

Regardless of which ‘category’ you fit into – full service gym, ladies only gym, 24 hour gym, budget gym, boutique gym, PT studio or CrossFit box, the training experience you offer can have a huge effect on a clients next visit and the longevity of your membership base.

That training experience is not restricted to the cardio machines with 21 inch TV screens, bluetooth connectivity, live streaming and interactive programming.

Functional training rigs transform your training environment into functional playgrounds and are an excellent way to offer scalable and dynamic training options for exercisers of all fitness and ability levels. Such is their DNA, they attract individuals, private personal trainer sessions and group training – and if they are big enough, all three, at the same time!

The HD Athletic Bridge from Hammer Strength offers a flexible approach to creating the right rig for your area so it expands the training space, not dominates it.

The HD Athletic Bridge maximises your training space because it is designed to span above a training area providing options below for Olympic lifting areas (inside or outside), bodyweight suspension training and other dynamic group programs plus the all important storage areas.

Hammer Strength HD Athletic Bridge

Customise your HD Athletic Bridge with a selection of Monkey Bars, Square Xmembers & Connectors, Storage Connectors, Bar Supports & Catches and accessories which include Power Pivots, Benches, Band Pegs, Weight Horns, Bar Storage Brackets and Dip Handles. Finally, and to ensure you have the right set-up for your facility, you have a choice of 4 colours for each of your zones – uprights, bridge and xmembers.

Hammer Strength HD Athletic Bridge - Training CentreDid you know that your fitness facility can gain the prestige of being an Official Hammer Strength Training Centre. Contact the team to find out how to join an elite group of facilities that have chosen to offer the best.

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If you have any questions on the Hammer Strength HD Athletic Bridge from Life Fitness, you can contact them direct below.

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