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Group exercise is the beating heart of a successful gym or fitness facility. While there are always going to be plenty of members who enjoy training solo, the atmosphere of group training is what keeps many people coming back time after time. The camaraderie of exercising in a group can really become the heart and soul of a training facility and that human connection to other people can be more meaningful that the physical benefits of the exercise itself. Post-pandemic, the group exercise scene is regathering and we want to bring you articles that inspire and interest you.

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gamification of fitness BFT australia

Introducing Gamification in Workouts: The Secret to Motivation and Results

Thanks to Prue Harvey, Education Coordinator at BFT, for this article. The concept of gamification is nothing new in fitness – think Apple watches, heart rate monitors, etc – but how it’s executed can change the game for your product or business. The use of gamification in workouts has been showing increasing popularity, from virtual

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boutique fitness studios cyclebar australia

Boutique Fitness Studios Bringing the US’s Hottest Fitness Brands to Australia

Brendan James and Matt Gordin are brothers-in-law and close friends, who have secured the master franchising rights to Rumble Boxing in Australia under their brand, Boutique Fitness Studios. The duo also have exclusive rights to Club Pilates, CycleBar, and StretchLab, all of which are extremely popular US brands that fall under the Xponential Fitness banner.

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LesMillsAsiaPacific BODYCOMBAT XR features


In the next evolution of the world’s most popular VR fitness app, Les Mills BODYCOMBAT XR brings Mixed Reality experiences into the mix – a feature that merges virtual reality with the user’s actual reality. Paired with the META Quest 3 VR headset, the new app offers a virtual training space like no other, fusing

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les mills strength and development australia

New Offerings from Les Mills set to Inspire the Next Generation

With Gen Z and Millennials accounting for around 80% of the total fitness market, clubs have no choice, but to sit up and pay attention to what it is they want. As strength-based workouts continue to soar in popularity for this demographic, gym operators are asking how they can lure them from the gym floor

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les mills rpm 100 event

Les Mills Celebrate RPM 100 Release

Article updated November 2023. Les Mills Asia Pacific celebrated the 100th release of the hugely popular RPM cycling program with a sell-out event in Sydney this month. The milestone was a testament to 25 years of fresh, engaging workouts with a cult-like following of indoor cycling enthusiasts. What is Les Mills RPM? RPM is a

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my fit pro live streaming for fitness

My Fit Pro: A Better Live Streaming Platform for Fitness Businesses

When Fiona McKenzie was struggling to find a good way to stream her dance fitness classes during the pandemic, she decided to take matters into her own hands. With a background in IT and a web developer for a husband, Fiona set about creating her own streaming platform, designed specifically for fitness professionals. This “little

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nuforma pilates sydney australia

Nuforma Pilates: The Reformer Reinvented

Amid the technological upgrades of pretty much every other piece of exercise equipment, there’s been one item that has remained untouched – the Pilates reformer. Until now… Nuforma Pilates is the result of over 20 years of research and the previously UK-based offering is now available in the first Nuforma Pilates studio in Bondi Junction,

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2023 aqua summit

Book your Spot at the 2023 Aqua Summit

Act fast as tickets are running out for the inaugural Industry Forum and Aqua Summit. This is an exciting opportunity for everyone in the aquatic exercise space for both networking as well as education and development. The 2023 Aqua Summit is the first of its kind and is scheduled for October, with the Industry Forum

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what are nike studios

Nike Studios set to enter the fitness club arena

There’s been quite a buzz about town, with Nike announcing that they are opening a network of boutique fitness studios in partnership with FitLab. With the first location, Los Angeles, set to open later in 2023, the studio concept will feature Nike Training Studios, focusing on functional strength training and Nike Running Studios, providing a

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les mills virtual classes

LES MILLS Virtual Fitness a Huge Success at Keilor East Leisure Centre

Opening in late 2021, after the strict Victorian COVID restrictions were lifted, Keilor East Leisure Centre has grown to include over 5,000 members. Located in north-west Melbourne’s Moonee Valley, the facility has members of all ages and fitness levels and its’ popular group exercise timetable includes 11 different Les Mills live classes and 5 LES

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animal flow workshop in sydney

Animal Flow Workshop in Sydney

Engage your beast mode and secure a spot at the Animal Flow® Level 1 Workshop in Sydney next month. Spanning across two days, this intensive training will teach you all 30 Level 1 movements, including modifications for increasing or decreasing the difficulty level and how to link movements together to create your own “flow”. What

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the real body movement gympie

Building strength through community with The Real Body Movement

For many people, the gym is just somewhere to squeeze in that obligatory hour of exercise with a set of headphones in their ears or rushing in and out of a group class with barely a word spoken to their fellow attendees. For others, their gym is a genuine community – a place where connections

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chris wilson fitness

Second Perth Studio for Chris Wilson Fitness

Two years on from launching and being branded as Australia’s Most Exclusive Studio, Chris Wilson has just opened a second venue in Perth. What’s New in Fitness caught up with Chris to find out more… Staying Agile: What happens when you launch a fitness business in the middle of a pandemic? Hit with COVID closures

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balance training for older people

Aging Gracefully: The Importance of Balance Training for Seniors

In an aging population, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that seniors maintain their balance and mobility to reduce the risk of falls, resulting in injuries and a lack of independence. In this article, we will discuss why older people lose balance, what seniors can do to improve their balance, the best exercises for addressing

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