How To Focus For Success In Your Fitness Business

Most fitness professionals try to talk to (and help) everyone.

The 80 year old who’s recovering from injuries. The 40 year old mom who’s trying to lose weight. And the 20 year old athlete who’s working to compete at the top level in their sport.

They’re afraid they to turn down work because they feel like they don’t have enough leverage. But the crazy thing is, trying to talk (and help) everyone… is the exact reason why they aren’t getting traction with anyone!

The fastest way to progress quickly in building more clients-for-life is to:

  1. Choose a great client profile you want serve (yes, pick 1 not 3)
  2. Go ‘all-in’ on connecting and engaging them
  3. Build success stories and capture testimonials
  4. Share those results with others and keep going!

Makes sense right?

FOCUS changes everything.

But unfortunately too many people get stuck on #1. How do you choose a great client profile you love working with? Do you have to say ‘no’ to other clients that want your help?

If you’ve been trained and certified in several systems and programs you can offer, which ones do you use? How do you fit them together?

Here’s my best advice:

Ask yourself “What problems do you most LOVE solving?”

I mean the ones that keep you up at night, and get you out of bed early in the morning to go learn more about, study, and work on.

Is it helping people recover from injuries? Lose weight? Increase sports performance? Get ripped?

It’s probably not ALL of those at once, and certainly not to the same degree.

Pick a lane. Focus on it. And go hard until you are so busy and have built such an amazing professional reputation, that you have a waiting list of people that want to work with you.

Then align your ‘menu’ to a program structure (i.e., business model) that BEST helps the clients you want to serve SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

Keep it simple for success. Don’t try to offer everything and the kitchen sink (i.e., try my boot camp, 6 week challenge, semi-private program, private training services, nutrition counseling, life coaching, online training services, etc.)

That just makes things way more complicated (and will prevent you from getting any traction).

So let’s review:

  1. Find a problem you love working on.
  2. Match your menu to best help the clients you want to work with solve that problem.
  3. Get to work!

Committed to your success!

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