Melbourne Float House – The Tool That Took Our Business To The Next Level

The Melbourne Float House is an Australian Wellness Centre that offers multiple therapies under one roof including Cryotherapy, Float Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, InfraRed Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage.

It all started in 2015 when our world turned upside down. My husband Scott sustained an extremely bad back injury which meant he was no longer able to work, and we were forced to close our business down. For the next 2 years we spent countless hours seeing doctors, neurosurgeons and travelled overseas to try and find anything that would heal his back or reduce his pain.

Then we came across these therapies, the benefits were instant and the difference in his pain and recovery as was significant. That was how our wellness centre The Melbourne Float House was born.

It’s one thing for clients to physically feel the difference our therapies are offering them but to have data and reports that demonstrate just how much they are improving is what’s made a massive difference for our business.

This is where Evolt 360 took us to the next level.

Our clients love that they can keep track of all their results on the Evolt Active app.

The way the app visually compares all your scans against each other is extremely appealing. Being able to see how their bodies are changing over time demonstrates how effective our therapies are for their recovery and performance. As a natural side-effect it boosts our retention.

Evolt 360 has not only helped with client retention but it also brings us new clients.

We have teamed up with various other businesses and sporting clubs in the area who send their members to us for a scan. While they are here, they learn about our business and how we can help them with their stress, weight loss, recovery, and performance goals.

All the equipment in our centre has an extremely high standard so naturally we only accept the best of the best.

When we were looking for body scanners, we did a lot of research before choosing one. In 60 seconds, it records 40 different body composition measurements which our clients can measure in real time through the app.

It has a modern interface, detailed reports, online community and not to mention it looks extremely sleek. We found Evolt 360 to be the top of the range so naturally it was the only one we would accept in our centre.

Our mission is to help the community take control of their own health so that they can life live well and Evolt 360 has helped us reach more people and make an even bigger impact in the health and wellness of the community around us.

Kerry Thurrowgood, Founder of Melbourne Float House.

About Evolt
Providing Inspiration from Information EVOLT (IoH) The Internet of Health, is a technology-driven health and wellness company that is powering connected and digital health. EVOLT has developed an end-to-end solution that tracks detailed changes in the quality of activity, body composition, nutrition and overall health that can be shared in gamified social environments, as well as sophisticated data analytics insights for body composition changes.

Evolt is at the forefront of technology and uses an evidence- based approach to its development and practical use. We have our own Research and Development Team consisting of highly qualified professionals in the field of exercise science, body composition and nutrition.

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More information on the EVOLT 360 Body Composition Analyser is available at, by calling 07 5659 1958 or enquiring below.[/box]

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