CorMax Fitness – The Absolute Ultimate In Core Training Equipment

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Launched at the IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show in California in March 2015, the range of CorMax core training equipment is now available in Australia.

This is one piece of equipment you just have to try – you, your members and your clients will absolutely love it!

CorMax Instability
When exercising with any of the CorMax exercise equipment you have to deal with the challenge to stabilize after each and every movement. With less water the equipment becomes more challenging to control and steady igniting all muscle groups add more water and the CorMax equipment are then converted into power and strength exercises.

CorMax Bootcamp
The CorMax range is the first range of exercise equipment to offer instability during training the use of an outdoor bench and anchor point resource. The unpredictable water movement offers a huge challenge and are so much fun to use in a group training environment.

CorMax Commander
CorMax Commander is your first step to having a level of core strength that until now you could only dream about. In these modern times all athletes, fitness enthusiasts, physiotherapists and medical professionals know the importance of a strong core.

“As the owner operator of a first of a kind, functional training gym concept in Australia, I look to source and buy unique equipment to use in my Centre of Excellence. The CorMax range of equipment offers a multitude of truly functional training options and I simply love the diversity that CorMax brings to my gym. I have no hesitation in recommending this great range of products.”
Ross Barbour – CEO | Real Commando Training (Elite Mind-Muscle-Nerve Training)

“I don’t usually like training in a gym but CorMax makes it fun and enjoyable. All of the gear makes me use my entire body and with the water moving around Whew!! They really get my heart rate pumping and my core getting a real work out I would recommend anyone that wants to get maximum benefits and to enjoy their workouts to try CorMax.”
Nathan Gorney – Finally Fit & IT Guru

“I have been a personal trainer for 10 years and the CorMax equipment is the most challenging I have used with the instability they provide. I have had some of my clients test them also and they feel the same way. Working out in just a 30 minute high intensity workout and they were ready to call it a day. By adding and removing water they can be used by all levels of fitness and strength and best of all the whole set fits into a backpack!”
Mario Frapiccini – PT Zone

“CorMax is amazing as it is a complete body workout and in 10 mins your heart rate is up and you are sweating up big time. The CorMax range is a great workout using every major muscle group as well as your core stability muscles. CorMax also enhances strength and endurance for a great all round workout.”
Sue Jordan – Group Fitness Manager | Fitness First

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