Precor Discovery Strength Series: Journey into Strength

Precor’s commitment to resistance training was made clear with the 2010 opening of its 230,000 sq ft dedicated strength factory in North Carolina, USA, which houses an independent design, engineering and product management team focussed exclusively on strength. And with more exercisers relying on conventional strength training to achieve their fitness goals than ever before* it’s easy to see why strength is such a focus for Precor.

“We’re extremely fortunate to have such a wealth of experience within the strength development team,”said Chris Torggler, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Precor Strength. “The mechanical engineers and product managers have over 100 years of combined industry experience, which is highly evident in the level of detail applied to the design of our premium range, the Discovery Strength Series – the culmination of an exhaustive research and durability testing process.”

The Discovery Strength Series, a complete range of selectorised and plate-loaded machines, has been designed to cater for all exercisers, from just 5’to 6’7”tall and from the newest member to the strongest alike.

From the QR codes linking to ‘how-to’videos to the low starting weights and gas-assisted seat positioning, the attractive, biomechanically-designed stations deliver performance, reliability and ease-of-use, whatever a members’favoured strength training method.

Precor recently launched five new pieces in the Discovery Series, converging and diverging selectorised stations, which improve the offering for more experienced users, ready to challenge their muscles further.

“From the fixed movement pieces, enabling new exercisers to work out with confidence, to the converging and diverging stations, which improve our offering for more experienced users, the new pieces complete the range, taking members on a three-stage journey into strength training,”states Torggler.

Stage 1 –fixed movement selectorised: A key benefit of fixed movement machines is how they encourage proper technique, which reduces injuries. But ease of use and educating the user is paramount. Precor took inspiration from consumer products, having observed people using their smart phones.

“We focussed on taking away the intimidation, eliminating excuses and making the equipment inviting, approachable and intuitive. We even incorporated easy to understand graphics and QR codes that enable members to view short instruction videos,” continues Torggler.

Translucent shrouds allow light to pass through, making the strength environment appear more open, and also enable the user to see the weight moving, whilst giving enough privacy to ensure others can’t see what they are lifting. Uniform weight stack heights also provide a clear and consistent line of sight across the gym.

Stage 2: Selectorised converging and diverging: The independent moving arms and converging/diverging movement patterns on Precor’s new converging and diverging selectorised stations are ideal for exercisers confident with fixed resistance stations.

The progressive Advanced Movement Design (AMD) platform challenges the body by engaging more muscles to functionally develop strength and stabilise movement patterns. Users will experience more freedom and better results as they work their muscles through a greater, more natural range of motion.

Step 3 – Plate loaded stations: Whilst the entire Discovery Series has been designed to provide an authentic experience for even the most serious strength exerciser, Precor’s plate-loaded stations offer the most advanced workout capabilities.

The contemporary line combines all the foundational performance elements demanded from a strength range and is designed with independent arm resistance and converging and diverging movement paths that provide a greater range of motion and usage of muscle groups. Weight load heights have been designed at chest level on most pieces, to avoid bending down or reaching up to load and unload weights.


Precor’s research shows that more than half of all strength users identify themselves as ‘committed’ to strength training, and say they are driven by the desire to have a healthy and well-toned body more than to compete better in sports

**The ‘committed to strength training’ group is equally populated by men and women, and covers a broad age range from 18-54.

**Men allocate 35% of their total fitness regimen to strength training compared to women at only allocate 28%.

For further information on the Discovery Series Strength Line click here.

*A recent study by IHRSA states over 2.5 million exercisers are regularly using strength training.

**Precor Fitness/Strength Training Awareness, Attitudes and Usage Study 2013

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