Recovery and Wellness Modalities - Sauna, Cryotherapy and more.

Health and fitness has evolved over the past decade to become so much more than just physical exercise and nutrition. Recovery is a booming area of physical training and fitness business owners are realising the powerful draw of offering wellness modalities to encourage people through their doors.

Mental fitness is seen as a crucial part of overall health and there is astronomical growth in areas such as meditation, breathwork and cryotherapy. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, growing numbers of Australians are embracing wellness modalities such as saunas to aid in muscle recovery, heart health, and stress reduction. At WNiF, we want to help you make informed decisions relating to some of the wellness modalities you may (or may not have) heard about.

Here, you’ll find articles relating to some of these supplementary health and wellness modalities. If there’s a product or topic you’d like us to look into, drop us a line and let us know!

attracting gen z to your fitness business

Strategies for Attracting Gen Z to Your Fitness Business

When it comes to fitness, there are so many options out there – it’s a great thing for consumers as there’s bound to be a flavour everyone enjoys. This smorgasbord of choice, however, can make retention harder than ever for fitness business owners because there’s always a bright shiny object calling your members away. In

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mindful in may

Be Mindful in May and Pause for a Cause

What if you could find more focus, clarity, and effectiveness in daily life by learning a 10-minute mindfulness technique and at the same time have a positive impact on the world? Join the Mindful in May movement next month and you can make it happen. What is Mindful in May? Mindful in May is a

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wello works coworking sydney

Wello Works: Bringing Balance to Coworking Spaces Through Wellness

The popularity of coworking spaces has been trending upward for several years now. The same people who embraced the flexibility of working remotely in a post-pandemic world, are increasingly craving the social and productivity benefits that come with separating the work environment from the home. Fitness and wellness entrepreneur, Tony de Leede, has created a

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red light therapy benefits

A Close Look at the Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is one of the fastest growing wellness trends in the US and being offered as an extra for members in large fitness franchises such as Planet Fitness. But, is red light therapy really worth it? We took a look at the red light therapy benefits based on science to help you make

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blue mountains sauna business

From Dream to Reality: How Blue Mountains Sauna Became a Resounding Success

With the benefits of sauna use ranging from cardiovascular improvements, faster recovery, mental health, and increased longevity, it’s not surprising that more and more Aussies are making it a part of their overall wellness routine. Blue Mountains Sauna opened in 2022 and has been a roaring success with heat-seekers travelling from far and wide to

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the real body movement gympie

Building strength through community with The Real Body Movement

For many people, the gym is just somewhere to squeeze in that obligatory hour of exercise with a set of headphones in their ears or rushing in and out of a group class with barely a word spoken to their fellow attendees. For others, their gym is a genuine community – a place where connections

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meditation for sports performance

Meditation for Sports Performance: Unlocking the Mental Edge in Athletes

Highly performing athletes do not only require physical strength, agility, and resilience paired with skill level; they need mental focus, quick response time, and cognitive adaptability to excel in their sport. Exploring meditation or mindfulness practices could bring rewarding results for these mental aspects. Even on a more casual level of the person who thinks

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feeling the benefits of sauna on recovery

The Healing Power of Heat: How Sauna Can Help Recovery

Heat therapy has been used for centuries due to its ability to induce relaxation and promote muscle recovery. Various native cultures in Europe, Asia, and North and South America are known for practicing sweat bathing, which refers to various passive bathing strategies in high temperatures. Regular exposure to heat can reduce inflammation and soft tissue

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sommet recovery massage gun

Prioritise Recovery, Provide Value: Adding Massage Guns to your Gym Arsenal

As a gym owner, you’re constantly seeking innovative ways to attract and retain members. One effective strategy is to provide added value that enhances the overall fitness experience. One such tool gaining popularity is the inclusion of massage guns in gym facilities. Since recovery is where the body adapts to the previous training, it’s important

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cryo remedy portable ice bath

Using Portable Ice Baths to Add Value to your PT Sessions

As a fitness professional, you’re always looking for ways to improve your clients’ recovery and help them reach their fitness goals. One powerful tool you can add to your arsenal is a portable ice bath. How can Portable Ice Baths Add Value to your PT Sessions? Speed up recovery: After a tough workout, your clients’

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benefits of whole body cryotherapy

Fitness beyond the workout: The Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole-body cryotherapy has become a prominent part of the recovery technique for many professional athletes in recent years. Several well-known celebrities have also adopted cryotherapy due to its health benefits. What is cryotherapy? How does it work? What benefits does it offer? Read this guide to learn more about whole-body cryotherapy. What is cryotherapy? The

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effects of compression garments on recovery

The Effects Of Compression Garments On Recovery After Training

Muscle recovery is a concern whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend fitness junkie. Compression garments are used for a recovery boost and to help avoid muscle aches after workouts so you can return to training faster.  Compression garments provide comfort, support, and various benefits when exercising, and range from sleeves to complete body

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sauna to improve heat tolerance

Sauna use to improve heat tolerance in professional sports

Aussie professional racing driver, David Reynolds has come up with a smart strategy to fight against the extreme heat inside his Supercar cabin by buying a personal sauna and having it installed at his Melbourne home during the off-season. The 2017 Bathurst winner has been battling with hot temperatures while racing, causing him to reach

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whole body stretching equipment

Tonic Vibration Reflex – Whole Body Stretching Equipment

Article updated June 2023. Any fitness professional will agree that flexibility and mobility are crucial in maximising overall performance and for injury prevention. There are a number options available when it comes to stretching equipment, but some people ask the question – do you need equipment when it comes to stretching? Image by StockSnap Are

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evolution of vr fitness

The Evolution Of Gym Culture

This article was updated May, 2023. From the era of Mr Universe and body building in the 80s to the Jane Fonda-led aerobics revival and the ultra-thin 90s yogi: How gym culture has evolved through the decades… No pain, no gain has long been the mantra for fitness fans, but if you’re working hard when

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