Menulog And Dr Joanna Identify Healthy Takeaway Options

Article updated March 2024.

Did you know that Menulog, Australia’s number one service for online and mobile takeaway, launched a world-first program to identify the healthiest takeaway options, by partnering with prominent nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan?

The program, called Healthy+, identifies healthy options on takeaway menus across Menulog website-listed restaurants.

Are there healthy takeaway options?

Dr Joanna McMillan, one of Australia’s leading nutrition and wellbeing experts, has created guidelines, together with Menulog, that identify wholesome and nutritious selections.

The Healthy+ icon is visible beside menu items that meet these guidelines, making it quick and easy for Australians to make healthy choices when ordering a takeaway meal.

“Some people don’t think of takeaway as healthy, but that’s not the case,” says Menulog spokesperson Julia Snabl. “This campaign will make it easy to identify the healthiest options offered by our restaurant partners.

Takeaway is a popular choice for busy people – from working professionals to families and students. We think it’s a wonderful opportunity to help people make great nutritious and delicious choices.”

healthy takeaway choices

Making healthier choices with takeaway meals

Dr Joanna McMillan says, “The guidelines we have created for Menulog Healthy+ are to help you select balanced, healthy dishes with a good mix of nutrients. We want everyone to enjoy the pleasure of food and in this campaign, we want to assist in identifying the healthiest options – takeaway you can eat and feel good about.”

Like many Aussies, Joanna describes herself as time poor, ordering takeaway at least once a fortnight.

“I am lucky to have a wealth of knowledge about healthy food, so when I order takeaway, I find it easy to pick out the nutritious, wholesome choices on a takeaway menu. I was keen to work with Menulog to help busy Aussies find these options,” she says.

Guidelines for choosing healthy takeaway options

Dr Joanna has created guidelines that detail four key elements every healthy meal should have. Healthy+ selections offer:

  • lean protein or those rich in healthy fats such as salmon
  • smart carbs that are low-GI
  • fibre and nutrient-rich
  • good fats.

Most importantly, healthy meals have around half a plate of fresh/cooked vegetables. While main dishes may receive the Healthy+ icon with some of these elements, Dr Joanna recommends a big side serving of vegetables with every dish.

“Half of your dinner plate should be taken up with either cooked or raw vegetables,” she says.

To kick off the program, Dr. Joanna has analysed takeaway menus of several Menulog-listed restaurants in each of Australia’s four major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth), selecting dishes that will receive the first Healthy+ icons. Menulog invites restaurant owners to put forward menu items for Healthy+ accreditation using Dr Joanna’s guidelines.


Menulog is one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading on demand delivery platforms, connecting millions of customers with more than 35,000 local food, grocery, and other retail businesses across the region.

As an Australian born brand, Menulog has supported local business partners for more than 17 years, providing online ordering and delivery solutions to help partners reach and service more customers. Menulog also supports tens of thousands of on demand delivery couriers, leading the industry in advocating for greater benefits and protections for couriers.

About Dr Joanna McMillan

Dr Joanna McMillan is one of the best-known nutrition and wellbeing experts in Australia – a nutrition scientist and dietitian, passionate about empowering individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. She is a popular media spokesperson and has formed key brand partnerships to deliver science-based insights for more than 20 years. Her mission is to bridge the gap in health literacy and make wellness approachable, understandable, and simplified for all walks of life.

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