So You Want To Work With Mums

New mums and pregnant women are a growing demographic that many fitness professionals are eager to work with.

If you’re one of those fitpros, then check out this suite of programs and services that can help you establish a thriving and successful business.

Jen Dugard of Body Beyond Baby has launched Affiliates, White Labels, Mentoring and Accredited Trainer Education to assist fitness professionals who want to work with pregnant ladies and new mums.

Body Beyond Baby is a successful group training business with onsite childcare that has looked after 1000’s of mothers since its conception in 2008.

Currently, it services more than 100 mums a week, with sessions often booked out and oversubscribed to, during the winter months (many pregnant women even make contact prior to the birth of their baby, to make sure they don’t miss out).

After exploring growth options for a number of years, Body Beyond Baby founder, Jen Dugard made the decision to move away from traditional franchising and licensing avenues.

“My original plan was to grow the Body Beyond Baby brand far and wide. But, after years of personal growth, research and money invested I realised it was much bigger than me and that more can be achieved by working together, supporting each other and sharing my experiences and knowledge from over 10 years in the fitness industry and 8 years of working solely with mums as a personal trainer and a business owner..”

The first step to Jen’s plan was to develop the Fitness Australia accredited education program called Safe Return to Exercise.

This two-day workshop delivers 12 CECs and is designed to provide the fundamentals for any personal trainer and fitness professional who wants to continue to train, keep safe and rebuild their female clients as they become mothers. For fitness professionals who want to specialise in working with mums and create a solid mum-focused fitness business, Safe Return to Exercise provides an essential foundation in which to commence.

Following the completion of Safe Return to Exercise fitpros can then apply to become a ‘Body Beyond Baby Affiliate’, participate in ongoing mentoring with Jen herself, or buy into the ‘Mums Fitness White Label’ product which enables you to set up your own mum-focused fitness business from scratch. Here, you’re essentially provided with all of the Body Beyond Baby policies, procedures and best practices – everything you need to set up a business that replicates the successful Body Beyond Baby model. From there you are then mentored through the process, although at the end of the day it’s your business, your brand, your clients – Jen takes nothing further but continues to provide support and guidance through the ongoing Affiliate relationship.

Magdalena Hawley from Mums Going Strong Fitness has been an Affiliate and mentoree for the past four months. Of her experience she says “When I started as an Affiliate with Body Beyond Baby and began coaching with Jen, I had just one training session with five clients. Now, I have four group sessions in two locations, and two of these sessions are full; plus I have a waiting list!”

Running a business on your own is not easy, so working with Jen has proven to be hugely advantageous.

Mentorees share in the knowledge and lessons that Jen’s gained from her extensive time in the industry. She knows what works and what usually doesn’t!

“Jen provided me with useful tools and systems to grow my business,” says Magdalena. “She pushes me forward and holds me accountable to what I wish to achieve. My business has more structure, I know my numbers and working within a collaboration helps me feel supported. It ensures I know I am supporting my mums to the best of my ability.”

Jen adds, “I truly believe the way we look after women returning to exercise after becoming mothers has to improve and that their ongoing wellbeing starts with better education and care during and after their pregnancy. I believe the key to this is collaboration across industries; this includes health, medical and fitness professionals all dedicated and committed to working together. If I can help to provide a landscape for this and change the experience for more and more mums, then I am doing what I came here to do!”

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Article written by Jen Dugard for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine – Winter 2017 Edition.

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