Les Mills SMARTBAND Changes The Game

Scientifically engineered to create functional and durable equipment, Les Mills SMARTBAND is the latest innovation in resistance technology. SMARTBAND delivers consistent force increase throughout the extension meaning users will experience the same resistance throughout the entire movement.

Working out with SMART TECH equipment means better results in a shorter time. Increase muscle activation, maximize workouts and burn calories faster. The newest addition to the SMART TECH range is the new SMARTBAND. The Stretch you need and designed to drive results.

Traditional bands are made from extruded latex/rubber and are prone to tears and snapping. Made from an injection moulded thermoplastic elastomer, the SMARTBAND is designed to withstand the intensity and flexibility of modern functional training.

Why choose SMARTBAND?

  • Consistent force increase technology means the resistance will remain the same through the entire range of movement.
  • Made with thermoplastic elastomer instead of latex or rubber so the SMARTBAND will far out last traditional resistance bands
  • Designed with a flat profile to prevent the band rolling or slipping throughout exercise
  • The nylon webbing in the handles move freely through the spine ensuring ease of movement as well as the optimal surface for gripping in the hand

For more information on the Les Mills SMARTBAND or the full range of Les Mills group fitness programs and equipment from visit www.lesmills.com.au/equipment.

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