Technogym Myrun – Taking Cardio Training To The Next Level

A treadmill has a place in everyone’s cardio routine. If the weather takes a turn for the worse or you’d rather tag TV time with a workout, a treadmill is a handy piece of equipment. Those conveniences come with any old treadmill, but with Technogym’s MYRUN, you enter a whole new world with personalised training plans, step and stride assessment and a music playlist that matches your pace.

Designed to work with your tablet through the MYRUN app, you have access to a unique range of functions – from training and keeping in touch with your personal trainer, to answering emails, checking social media and watching your favourite TV shows.

With MYRUN, you can create a bespoke program that takes into account your current fitness level and how often you need to train to achieve your goals.

The Running Rate feature is an algorithm exclusive to Technogym, allowing you to measure your stride length, displacement and step frequency, which in turn can help you improve your technique. The surface of MYRUN can also adapt to your specific style of running and can change to a softer or firmer surface reducing the risk of injury.

For Technogym ambassador and pro-surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, MYRUN is an essential part of her training regime.

“MYRUN is the ideal system for me – I can tailor my training plan, monitor my progress, and use the app to enjoy my favourite playlist. It’s smooth and quiet. Paring my road running with sessions on Technogym MYRUN is ideal. I can juggle my training between commitments. It’s the ideal running partner. I never want to miss a session.”

If music and training go hand in hand like it does for Sally, then you’ll love the RUNNING MUSIC function. It chooses the songs from your playlist that best suits your workout and pace. To top it all off, the MYRUN app comes with pre-set training programs, exercises and even the option of consulting a coach to help you reach your goals.

MYRUN is now available to purchase for $3,999, GST and delivery included. For more information contact Technogym.

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