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For the first time, the Australian Institute Of Fitness shares filmed insights into what it is really like to study with them through the eyes of current students.

For those thinking about a brand new career or a fresh start, the Australian Institute of Fitness is a choice for many wanting to learn more about a fitness career. And now for the first time, deeper insights into what it is really like to be a student at Australia’s largest and longest established fitness training organisation by those really in the know, is now available.

Introducing the Australian Institute of Fitness Wrap Day video. This insightful and inspiring video contains footage from current students and provides a wonderful understanding into the experience and career opportunities future students will obtain whilst studying at The Institute.

“At the end of our Master Trainer program our students, or ‘Friends’ as we like to call them, do four weeks of Trainer Experience, which is work placement in the fitness industry. At the end of this period, they come back on campus for ‘Wrap Day’, their last day on campus where they complete their final assessment and graduate. During Wrap Day we have a ‘circle of reflection’ where Friends talk about why they chose to do the course, what they’ve learned and how it’s changed their thinking about the fitness industry. It can be very emotional, because often Friends have enrolled to do the course due to fitness somehow changing their life or someone very close to them,” says Jean Posthoorn, Marketing Manager, Australian Institute of Fitness.

“This year, we really wanted to capture this exciting and emotional journey with our Friends and show why we really are the best choice when it comes to fitness training. Not only because we have an extremely fun and vibrant campus learning environment and some of the most advanced fitness courses available in Australia, but also because we have fantastic placement success post graduating.”

The Institute’s Wrap Day video was filmed at the Parramatta campus in NSW.

About the Australian Institute of Fitness

The Australian Institute of Fitness is the largest and longest established fitness training organisation in Australia. With purpose-built campuses located in and around every major Australian city and over 100 expert course coaches nationwide, more people, including many of Australia’s leading industry professionals, decide to get qualified as a Personal Trainer or fitness professional at the Australian Institute of Fitness than any other provider. Click here to contact the Institute.

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