Wattbike: Are You Obsessed With Performance?

Article updated September, 2023.

Training on a Wattbike is the fastest, most effective way to improve your performance. Bar none.

Used by nearly every sporting code on the planet to increase an athlete’s power, speed, and ultimately, performance. Wattbike analyses pedalling techniques producing accurate data on hundreds of metrics designed to ensure precise and optimised training for athletes at every level.

What makes Wattbike the best indoor cycle for performance?

  • Accurate data: providing reliable, repeatable, measurable data with scientific accuracy.
  • Real ride feel: The unique resistance system and free hub deliver the most realistic feel of any indoor bike.
  • Setup adjustability: fully adjustable so you can recreate your perfect setup with ease.
  • Polar View technology: innovation that will help you to become a better cyclist with the ability to see your pedalling technique live on the onboard performance monitor.

Increase strength, power, and technique through Wattbike’s full cycling rotation and increase performance by up to 20%. Wattbike is obsessed with performance.

You can check out all you need to know about one of the most popular models, the Wattbike Atom in our article here.

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