Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa Meditation At Home

Good news for clients who want specific meditation and life enhancement mentoring at home, because Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa’s Life Enhancement Mentoring is now accessible online.

In our fast-paced world many of us can feel  overwhelmed by our responsibilities and trying to fulfill various roles at home and at work, that we don’t dare to stand still and gain perspective on what we actually want in life.

At Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa, guests are invited to connect with that moment of stillness again, regain a fresh inspiration to make necessary adjustments and find a more fulfilling life balance.

Following its holistic wellness approach dedicated to supporting and enhancing guests’ life experience, Kamalaya addresses physical health as well as inviting people to go deeper within to address underlying issues, habits and behaviours that may keep them from embracing life’s full potential. Guests have the unique opportunity to work with a team of distinctively trained Meditation and Life Enhancement Mentors to address their emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Just like Kamalaya co-founder John Stewart, who lived in a Himalayan community as a yogi monk for 17 years, each of Kamalaya’s mentors were immersed in a monastic lifestyle in India for over a decade. Their teachings are inspired by ancient Asian philosophies, delivered with a practical approach to modern day questions, stressors and concerns.

In personal mentoring sessions, individually guided meditation practices and inspirational group workshops, mentors cover different areas of life such as stress management, relationships, mind-body balance, creating positive habits and emotional balance. Particularly during personal mentoring they can focus on specific needs helping guests to recognise and understand thinking patterns and emotional habits as well as teaching effective tools to create and sustain a fresh, more mindful way of life.

Guests learn how to respond healthfully to everything life delivers through greater emotional balance and awareness, even during challenging times.

As an integral part of the Kamalaya concept, Life Enhancement work features not only as part of Kamalaya’s daily holistic activity schedule, but also within many wellness programs, from Stress and Burnout to Emotional Balance.

Anyone at home seeking a spark of inspiration to help nurture emotional and mental wellbeing, can go online where Kamalaya’s Meditation and Life Enhancement Mentors are sharing some simple practices and insights on video and in the blog. This month they talk about the idea of “letting go”.

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