Rope in your Clients with the Revvll ONE Rope Trainer

This article was updated May 2023.

Hey there, gym owners and fitpros! Have you seen the awesome Revvll ONE Rope Trainer? It’s a game-changer when it comes to functional training and strength conditioning.

Picture this: you can give your clients a killer workout that mimics rope climbing without the need for a big ol’ climbing rope. The Revvll ONE Rope Trainer is all about versatility and portability, making it a must-have piece of equipment in any gym or fitness studio.

This bad boy is designed with a rotating rope that you can adjust in length and resistance. The rope itself is super durable, providing a smooth grip for various pulling and pushing exercises. Speaking of resistance, you can easily change it up by adjusting the angle at which the rope is pulled. This means you can cater to clients of different fitness levels and keep challenging them as they progress.

revvll one rope trainer

Why an endless rope trainer is a great addition to your fitness space:

One of the best things about the Revvll ONE Rope Trainer is its compact size and portability. You can set it up pretty much anywhere – your gym, a fitness studio, or even take it outdoors. Mount it on a wall or use a freestanding frame, whatever works best for you and your space.

Now, let’s talk about the workout possibilities. This thing offers a ton of exercises to target those muscles and give your clients a full-body workout. We’re talking pulling, pushing, rotations, and killer core exercises. It’s a complete package that engages the upper body – back, arms, and shoulders – as well as the core. Your clients will be sweating and loving every minute of it!

Training with this rope trainer is super versatile too. Depending on your position towards the Revvll ONE and its mounting height, you can carry out different pushing, pulling, and rotating movements, leaving no muscle uninvolved.

An endless rope trainer creates an unusually high time under tension, resulting in a maximum training of the upper body in the shortest amount of time.

Revvll ONE Endless Rope Trainer from Aktiv Solutions

The Revvll ONE unit is the perfect solution to endless rope training. It uses a mechanical and progressive braking system for its 3.5 metre long rope made of durable polyurethane.

The Revvll ONE Rope Trainer offers resistance that can be easily adjusted between ‘very easy’ to ‘extremely hard’, making it well-suited for beginners as well as passionate rope climbers that want to take their abilities to the next level.

This adjustable resistance means that the training focus can be shifted between extreme strength and endurance, depending on your workout goals. The resistance on the Revvll ONE Rope Trainer is smooth and consistent, ensuring your clients build strength, endurance, and coordination. Plus, it’s low-impact, so it’s perfect for those with joint issues or anyone who prefers exercises that go easy on the joints.

revvll one endless rope

Revvll ONE vs Revvll PRO

Revvll ONE and it’s big brother, Revvll PRO have some key differences in terms of features and specifications:

The Revvll ONE is the entry-level model, featuring a compact and lightweight design. It is designed for home use, smaller personal training style facilities and for trainers and fitness enthusiasts who prefer a portable option. The construction is solid, but it may not have the same heavy-duty build as the PRO model.

The Revvll PRO is the professional-grade model designed for commercial and high-intensity use in gyms, fitness studios, and training facilities. It is built with robust construction and materials to withstand rigorous workouts and heavy usage.

Resistance Levels:
The Revvll ONE contains a friction-based mechanism for continuously variable resistance.

The Revvll PRO offers 6 resistance settings for accurate comparisons and programming purposes. It also bears a repetition marker on the rope, which can be useful if counting reps or collecting accurate workout data is desired.

In summary, while both the Revvll ONE and Revvll PRO are rope trainers that offer effective workouts, the PRO model is more suited for heavy commercial use, offers accurate resistance levels for the purposes of tracking progress or hitting certain data points. The ONE model, on the other hand provides a more basic, yet just as effective training experience. It is also more compact and lightweight.

revvll one vs revvll pro

Whether you’re working with beginners or advanced athletes, the Revvll ONE Rope Trainer is the way to go. You can easily adjust the resistance to match different fitness levels, making it suitable for everyone. It’s ideal for functional training, circuit training, HIIT workouts, and even sports-specific training.

Compact, versatile, and effective – it’s got it all. Your clients will thank you for bringing this game-changer into your fitness space! If you’re interest in finding out more about the Revvll ONE endless rope trainer, it’s available through Aktiv Solutions Australia.

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