The Revvll PRO Rope Resistance Trainer gives new meaning to Rope Burn!

This article was updated May 2023.

Let’s take a good look at the Revvll PRO Rope Resistance Trainer and discover why it’s such a smart and versatile addition to your fitness cache. This beast is built to withstand some serious action in gyms and fitness studios. It’s a durable machine that can handle whatever you throw at it.

The big brother to it’s counterpart, the Revvll ONE Rope Trainer, this unit offer six different levels of rope resistance. You’ve got the power to dial in the resistance level that suits you best. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned gym go-er, the Revvll PRO can provide a killer workout to have your upper body and core burning.

And boy, does it deliver a smooth and consistent workout. Thanks to its friction braking system, you’ll feel the burn in all the right places. Pulling, pushing, you name it – this bad boy can handle any exercise you throw its way.

What makes rope training so effective?

It’s widely accepted that pull-ups are one of the most beneficial upper body exercises you can do for upper body and core strength development that has a multitude of functional applications.

Rope resistance training requires a different type of grip and arm strength than a regular pull up. The nature of pulling or pushing a rope forces you to stabilise using your legs and core to master control.

With a variety of movements that can be performed by adjusting the height and resistance level, the Revvll PRO allows you to target different muscle groups and switch between maximum strength and endurance goals.


What's to love about the Revvll PRO Rope Resistance Trainer?

The Revvll PRO is an alternative to stand-alone and expensive rope training simulation machines. It’s compact design means you can easily have two or more Revvll PRO units side by side to encourage some healthy competition between clients and foster interaction between members in group exercise settings.

  • Substantial exercise variety
  • Quick adjustability – variable resistance
  • Mobility – mount the Revvll high to low and virtually anywhere
  • Commercial grade – quality construction
  • No rope fraying or gloves required!

The Revvll Pro is great for beginners or advanced users within all facility types. Ideal for functional training areas, personal trainers, circuit integration and group classes. A full body workout that’s a great builder of strength and fun! Revvll exercises are excellent for upper body development as well for building a strong grip and improving agility and coordination skills.

The Revvll can be mounted to any high, mid, or low anchor point in the gym. You can also purchase the Revvll Adjust to allow you to select various positions on the go. This versatility means that the Revvll Pro can be adapted to suit pretty much any size training area.

Quality Construction
The Revvll Pro is designed and manufactured in Germany. Electromagnetic resistance provides years of durability and reliability.

The polyurethane endless cord provides an easy-to-grip, soft experience for the user and is also non-porous for ease of cleaning.

Variable Resistance
Choose from 6 levels of intensity! Appropriate for beginners all the way through to advanced users, you select the level of resistance that suits you best.

Group training sessions benefit from the integration of the Revvll as a fun and different addition to the circuit or program. Feature it on the fitness floor as a great way to add a new and affordable dimension to your free training or functional spaces.

Wait... Have you compared the Revvll PRO to the Revvll ONE?

If you didn’t already know, the Revvll PRO has a more lightweight younger sibling, the Revvll ONE Rope Trainer. There are a few differences, such as the variable resistance, but it’s worth making the comparison for yourself to determine the best unit for your needs. You can read about the differences between the Revvll PRO and the Revvll ONE Rope Trainers here.

For more information about either of the Revvll Rope Resistance Training units, contact Aktiv Solutions Australia.

revvll rope trainer
difference between the revvll pro and revvll one rope trainer
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