OurPeople: The Smart-Phone Driven Management Solution

Introducing OurPeople, a smartphone-driven management solution aimed at solving common communication challenges the industry faces.

Eliminating the need for corporate email, OurPeople delivers the right messages to the right team members, straight to the device they use every day.

Back-end reporting enables managers, in real-time, to see who has viewed and interacted with messages, including videos, quizzes, surveys, training events, and more.

The file centre allows staff to view important procedures, policies, schedules and more right from the app. OurPeople is secure and all under company control, with customisable integrations and scalability.

OurPeople - Smart-Phone Driven Gym Management Solution - Instructor Meeting

Here are some of the OurPeople features:

  • Simplifies the process of finding and managing subs for classes or the front desk.
  • Enables management to share company updates, policy changes and procedures and push out micro-learning courses to ensure training is completed.
  • Delivers a range of staff communication resources including targeted and or/visual messaging.
  • Offers a quick way to communicate announcements, feedback surveys and create quizzes.
  • Allows managers to chat with teams via one-to-one or group “conversations” and easily target exactly who receives each broadcast.

Your people are your secret weapon. Making the most of their time is invaluable to your business, so ensure they have everything they need to succeed.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Want to find out more?
More information on what OurPeople can deliver to your Team, and for a free demo, visit OurPeople.com . You can also download the free app here.[/box]  

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