30% of Fitness Club Members Use Mobile Apps To Track Their Health and Fitness

The fitness industry survey asked members across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, “Do you track your health or fitness progress with a mobile app?” Fitness club members surveyed answered yes they do with 25% using a FREE app and 5% using a PAID app.

Mobile health and fitness apps are becoming popular with members however the market is only in its infancy.

So it’s no wonder tech giants like Google and Apple want to a slice of the action.  This week during the Google I/O Developers Conference Google announced an initiative called Google Fit.  This is a fitness and health tracking platform for Android across various platforms and wearable devices.  Only a couple of weeks ago Apple launched HealthKit for developers.  This is something similar to Google Fit and will provide a hub for users to keep track of fitness goals and health-related information.

IHRSA’s Global Report 2014 suggests there are 17,397,622 members in the Asia-Pacific region.  If 30% of these are tracking their fitness using a mobile app this equates to 5,219,286 members across the region.  That also equates to 86,981 users paying for the apps.  Let’s say on average they pay $3 an app that is a quarter of a million dollars already spent on mobile apps across the region.

Fitness clubs are now also able to take advantage of the popularity of mobile fitness tracking apps.  Fitness equipment suppliers like Precor are offering apps like Preva Mobile. The app provides a mobile platform for members to measure all fitness activities and not just those within the gym.  This in the club and out of the club tracking and measuring tool ensures clubs remain relevant and provide unique opportunities for tech savvy members.

30% of fitness club members use mobile apps to track their health and fitness now.  What will the percentage  be in 2015?

The fitness industry survey is still open for both members and clubs.  The results are compiled and are available to everyone for free.  To participate in the survey or to download the results send your enquiry below.

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