Are You Ready for Active Nation Day?

Sunday 29 September is Active Nation Day, an initiative developed by Lorna Jane Clarkson, the woman behind the Lorna Jane apparel brand.

We spoke to Lorna Jane to ask what the motivation was behind developing this day, and this is what she told us…

“Australians see themselves as active – we promote our country as a sporting nation and celebrate our outdoor lifestyle. In reality, however, things are a lot different. In 2012 we conducted research with Roy Morgan, which revealed that although 63% of Australians expressed a desire to lose weight, an astonishing 53% of them did no formal exercise in an average three-month period. Monash University’s Obesity and Diabetes Institute (MODI) has also revealed that obesity has overtaken smoking as the leading cause of premature death and illness in Australia. We found these statistics so shocking that we decided to do something, which is how Active Nation Day was born. We want to raise awareness of the importance of putting your health and fitness first. Just as we celebrate love with Valentines Day every year, I believe we should celebrate our health – and inspire people to move, nourish and believe in themselves every day.”

To become involved in Active Nation Day:

1. Download the free lorna Jane iPhone App from

2. Start logging your exercise! 
view your workout online at, a website which enables you to view your own movements and those of your friends, and features an interactive map documenting the nation’s workout activities.

3. When Active Nation Day arrives, celebrate by using your App to record your workout, sending a revolutionary message to the world.

4. You can also sign an instore petition to get Active Nation Day recognized by our country’s leaders.

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