Differentiate Your Gym Cardio Solutions

It’s now easy to create the right cardio solution for your facility.

Whether you are an express or low budget gym, traditional health club, boutique gym or personal training fitness studio it’s good to know you can mix and match your treadmills, ellipticals, AMT Trainers, upright or recumbent bikes with a compatible console and create a cardio experience to suit your members and your type of facility.

With the Precor commercial range of cardio equipment and the console options, you have an approachable piece of equipment that is easy to use and all can still be personalised.

P82 – 15″ console with custom interface. Perfect for gym goers that are tech savvy, this networked console lets you keep track of your fitness goals and catch up on the latest tv shows. Suitable for:-

PRECOR P82 Cardio Console

  • EFX 885 Premium Elliptical
  • EFX 883 Premium Elliptical
  • EFX 781 Mid-Tier Elliptical
  • TRM 885 Premium Treadmill
  • TRM 781 Premium Treadmill
  • AMT 885 Premium Adaptive Fitness Trainer
  • AMT 783 Mid-Tier Fitness Trainer


P62 – 10″ console with custom interface. A smaller screen version of the P82 console with the operator options. Suitable for:-

PRECOR P62 Cardio Console

  • EFX 865 Premium Elliptical
  • EFX 863 Premium Elliptical
  • EFX 761 Mid-Tier Elliptical
  • TRM 865 Premium Treadmill
  • TRM 761 Mid-Tier Treadmill
  • AMT 865 Premium Adaptive Fitness Trainer
  • AMT 763 Mid-Tier Adaptive Fitness Trainer


P30 – LED display console. Pick this console if you members are not looking for a networked, touchscreen expereince. Suitable for:-

PRECOR P30 Cardio Console

  • EFX 835 Premium Elliptical
  • EFX 833 Premium Elliptical
  • EFX 731 Mid-Tier Elliptical
  • TRM 835 Premium Treadmill
  • TRM 731 Mid-Tier Treadmill
  • AMT 835 Premium Adaptive Fitness Trainer
  • AMT 733 Mid-Tier Adaptive Fitness Trainer



Precor 800 Line – top of the range and designed to handle the demands of a busy commercial facility.

Precor 700 Line – Delivering a high quality experience similar to the P800 at a lower cost.

Precor is Fitness Made personal.

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