VERVE Commercial Air Rower

This article was updated June 2023.

When it comes to burning calories and getting your heart rate up, there’s simply no better hybrid cardio machine on the market than an indoor rower. Rowing machines are the ultimate fitness tool, providing an unbeatable combination of muscle-building strength training and heart-pumping cardiovascular exercise.

That’s why we road-tested the VERVE Commercial Air Rower to see if it lives up to the hype. VERVE Fitness is already renowned as one of Australia’s most trusted suppliers of top-quality rowing machines.

In this article, we’ll be taking a deep dive into every aspect of this rower and sharing our opinion on whether it’s worth the investment – for both home workouts and gyms. So get ready to discover everything you need to know about the VERVE Commercial Air Rower!

VERVE Commercial Air Rower review

VERVE Commercial Air Rower: Built to last

The VERVE Commercial Air Rower is a high-end cardio machine that can provide a total-body workout. With a weight of 49kg, it is one of the heaviest rowing machines around, which has both advantages and disadvantages. 

On one hand, its heavy construction makes it extremely sturdy. This is a great feature to have in air rowers, which are known for allowing faster and smoother strokes than other types.

However, the weight of the rowing machine may pose a storage or movability challenge for some users. Aware of it’s robust nature, the team behind the VERVE Commercial Air Rower have taken storage issues into account. They have added a lifting handle and wheels which can help you store it in a corner of your space by lifting it vertically. When folded, this rower takes up less than half a metre of space.

There is a growing demand from users to have commercial-quality gym equipment that is designed to take up minimal space. We wrote an article about some of the design trends in home fitness equipment if you’re interested in hearing about other space-efficient products.

The VERVE air rower is made of steel and is designed with 2mm thick (40mm x 80mm) oval tubing for maximum stability and longevity. Other manufacturing features include ergonomic handles with a foam grip and a large PU (polyurethane) seat. The seat in particular is a great plus since rowers rely on their comfort to avoid any lower back pain or injury.

Lastly, the rail that allows you to move your body back and forth is made of aluminium and is capped with a stainless-steel track and sealed cartridge bearings that allow the seat to move smoothly. These materials are not only low-maintenance and durable, but they also suit long and intense rowing sessions.

The robust nature of the VERVE commercial air rower and it’s high quality construction mean it can handle a user weighing up to 150kgs and does give some assurance to the longevity of this unit.

Metrics tracking and intensity levels:

The VERVE Commercial Air Rower’s built-in wireless heart rate receiver allows you to monitor your heart rate and stay within your desired range. 

As for the screen monitor, the machine also features a backlit LCD screen that displays eight different workout modes: including time, distance, calories, stroke, watts, pulse, and SPM time/500M. The foldaway screen is quite small in comparison to the new generation air rowers.

The resistance while rowing is created by a steel fan with 16 levels of intensity. 

VERVE Commercial Air Rower screen

Key Differences Between Air and Water Rowing Machines

While we’ll keep it between air and water in this article, it’s good to know that there are two other types of rowing machines as well: hydraulic and magnetic rowers. When it comes to air and water rowing machines, there are several differences to consider such as resistance type, noise, stroke consistency, comfort, and price.

The first difference lies in their resistance mechanism, with water rowers using a water flywheel and air rowers using a fan flywheel.

When using a water rower, you generate resistance by moving the water in the tank in front of the machine. As you pull the handle, the paddles spin and create resistance, which is then transferred to the handle again. This design simulates the sensation of rowing on water, where, as you row faster at a great force, you create more resistance.

Air rowers, on the other hand, use a flywheel with a fan to generate resistance through the airflow created by the spinning blades. The resistance increases as you row faster, but it doesn’t replicate the sensation of rowing on water, so it’s more consistent.

Water rowers are quieter than air rowers, but they do stimulate the water’s whooshing sound. Due to the whirring sound of the fan flywheel, air rowers tend to make more noise. That’s why, while air rowers are used for more athletic workouts, water rowers are often preferred for their relaxing aspect as well.

As a rule, water rowers are more expensive than air rowers, but they provide a more natural rowing experience and are often considered more aesthetically pleasing. Ultimately, the decision between a water rower and an air rower comes down to personal preference, budget, and fitness goals.

VERVE Air Rower FAQ:

Where can I buy the VERVE Commercial Air Rower?

VERVE Commercial Air Rower can be purchased directly from the VERVE Fitness website. It includes a 14-day return policy, installation service, as well as buy now, pay later financing options.

Who are VERVE Fitness?

VERVE Fitness was established in the Gold Coast in 2018 and launched in April 2019, offering both home and commercial customers premium fitness equipment. An Australian company that has a reach across the globe, VERVE take pride in designing high-quality equipment that has been carefully developed and tested by those who know the fitness industry best.

Aside from the VERVE commercial air rower, their other equipment, ranging from barbells to weighted vests, can be found in their three showrooms at 4 Dalton Street, Upper Coomera, QLD 4209.

Where are Verve Fitness equipment made?

VERVE Fitness manufactures the majority of their equipment in-house on the Gold Coast, using Australian steel. They are approved by the “Australian Made” campaign.

VERVE Commercial Fitness Equipment

The VERVE Commercial Air Rower is an excellent investment for fitness enthusiasts who are serious about achieving their fitness goals. It has great features but, price-wise, it does come off as a high-end rowing machine, due to the high-quality materials. With adjustable foot placements and tension control, this air rower caters to all athletes. While sturdy, it is designed for mobility, complete with storage wheels, and a small storage footprint, making it both easy to use and store away.

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