7 Ways For PTs To Stand Out In The Crowd

Differentiating yourself from other Personal Trainers is an important part of selling your services. Here are 7 ways to stand out from the crowd by Alex Hendrick, Coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness, Adelaide campus.

Tip 1: Talk to Members

It might sound like the most obvious thing in the world, but how many PTs actually walk a gym floor and regularly introduce themselves to members? The answer is not many. If you want to stand out in the crowd, talk to members, and create a connection. When they realise they need a Personal Trainer the member is far more likely to ask a trainer they know over a one who has never acknowledged their existence.

Tip 2: Train at Your Gym and Train Hard

Want to stand out in the crowd? Try this tip. Walk the gym floor in your PT uniform. Talk to a few members, maybe offer some advice or a spot. Then change into your workout gear, wear something colourful, no ipod, and do a cracking workout right in the middle of the gym floor. Members will be intrigued by your advanced training techniques and want to learn more.

Tip 3: Wear Something Colourful

Whether it is a pair of bright green shoes, or a high-vis training top. Make sure people can see you coming a mile away. The more people are aware of you the more potential for clients.

Tip 4: Participate in Group Training

Jump into group exercise classes and get the instructor to do a little shout out for you. Group classes can be quite large and clicky. The more people that know you the better your business will be.

Tip 5: Train your Fittest Clients in Peak Hour

If members see you train fit and strong people they will instantly think you are responsible for creating such a specimen. They will associate you as a high performance trainer and be tapping you on the shoulder for personal training in no time.

Tip 6: Become a Multi-Skilled Trainer

Have an array of training equipment and styles you are proficient in, such as kettlebells, suspension training, ViPR, boxing/kick-boxing… anything that catches the eye. Nothing turns heads more than a client walloping the pads during an intense boxing session. Show off your skill sets – nobody notices a boring trainer.

Tip 7: Write Blogs and Bulletins for Your Local Club

The key to being a successful PT is to let people know you exist. Writing up blogs for the club webpage or posting bulletins on the notice board are great little self-promotion tools to stand out and grab attention. Make sure the headline is catchy and there is a nice picture of you to go along with it. It is a great way to spread the good word on health and fitness, plus you get your name out there!

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