Grow Your PT Business with Flex App: The Tinder of Personal Training

PJ van Gyen realised there was a need for a platform that connected fitness trainers and potential clients when he felt the disconnect from both sides of the equation. As a client, eager to expand on his training, he found it hard to connect with someone who had the right expertise. Then, as a trainer, he faced the challenges of finding new clients. So, how do you grow your PT business without having to rely on the local gym funneling its members your way?

PJ took matters into his own hands and created Flex, a software platform designed to connect trainers and clients, helping fitness professionals grow their businesses and giving potential clients the opportunity to peruse available trainers and seek out the best fit for their goals.

What is Flex?

Technology disrupting an industry is nothing new. We’ve seen Uber transform the way we use public transport and taxis, Airbnb has completely upended the tourism industry, and hipages has changed the way home owners get quotes from tradies. Flex is a platform that is revolutionising the way PT’s are engaged, benefiting both the trainer and the client.

As Australia’s fastest-growing fitness app, Flex allows potential clients to discover personal trainers in their area, book sessions, and pay for their services all in one place. For fitness trainers, Flex offers a way to connect with clients and focus on their fitness expertise, rather than spending time and money on paid advertising and social media to chase leads.

grow your PT business with Flex App

The Flex App journey so far...

Flex officially launched in September 2023, but it’s taken around 6 years from conception to launch, and like many young entrepreneurs, PJ has learned several lessons along the way.

“I took my idea to a friend of mine who is a graphic designer and we spent hours over a number of weeks developing a logo and wireframes for the app. I searched for software developers and found a company overseas that was much cheaper than in Australia… I soon learned why this was the case. The language barrier, time difference, and dealing with a company offshore had many challenges and in the end, I was left with a product that was far from usable. I was left a bit disheartened and put the idea on the back burner.” says PJ.

He then teamed up with a Sydney-based company, Hyper, specialising in bringing app ideas to life, from conception to a working prototype. The experience with Hyper was a positive one and left PJ with a working prototype and pitch deck ready to present to potential investors.
PJ admits that the investment process was tough. “I found myself in rooms with esteemed businessmen pitching to them to invest in my business. I found I was often given good feedback for the concept but was still knocked back numerous times. This took its toll on my confidence and made me question myself a number of times. But I believed in the idea and in Flex and was determined. After months of pitching to different people, I landed an investor. A single person who believed in the idea and wanted to come on as the sole investor to bring it to market. This saw the next step into the development phase.”
Devika is a software development company based in Wollongong, just south of Sydney, and PJ had already built a great rapport in his discussions with the Devika team. “This time around, the experience was completely different. The guys at Devika were great throughout the whole process and went above and beyond to provide a good product,” says PJ.

What does it cost to use Flex?

There is no fee to sign up to Flex, as either a fitness professional or as a client. Trainers using Flex determine their own maximum session cost, and Flex adds a small percentage to the price set by the trainer. Payment for each session is automatically processed and charged directly to the client’s credit card 30 minutes before the session starts.

grow your PT clients with flex app

The benefits of using Flex to grow your PT business

Personal trainers have limited avenues available to them when it comes to connecting with new clients. Many are reliant on the big box gym they work for to provide referrals and often, clients and trainers are thrust together with no more commonality than their availabilities lining up.

Fitness professionals who want to use their expertise in a particular area such as bodybuilding, specific sports performance, or working with children, may have to invest significant time and money into advertising streams to get themselves seen by their target clients.

Flex offers a way for trainers to promote themselves, their areas of special interest or expertise, and their personality on a platform that allows clients to choose them according to being the most appropriate person for their needs. As there are no costs associated with using Flex, other than factoring in the fees to session prices, it’s an affordable, risk-free way to grow your PT business in your local area.


The benefits of using Flex for PT clients

There are lots of benefits for clients to download the Flex app, including

  • Being able to connect directly with personal trainers in their local area. No gym memberships are required, and no contracts are involved.
  • Flex is all about matching the right trainer with the right client. Building a positive relationship with your trainer is important for successful and long-lasting results. Clients are all at different stages of life and have individual objectives, so why not find a trainer who feels relatable and who you enjoy spending time with? For clients seeking more specific expertise, you can have more choices in the PT that can help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • PT clients can save money and enjoy the social and accountability perks of small group training by booking sessions with family or friends. With more people attending a PT session, the less each person pays.

Flex user, Kim said, “‘Flex App has been by far the EASIEST way for me to find the right personal trainer. I have always found it so difficult to find a trainer or even know where to look. Flex is so easy to use, search and book in for my sessions. I love that I just go on, book and pay! It is so quick and simple ! I am finally falling back in love with training again and back to a healthier lifestyle! Thanks to Flex” .

Flex is the new era of Personal Training. Supercharge your fitness business and manage everything in one place. Set your rates, choose your hours, boost referrals and maximise your earning potential. And all completely free, nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

Visit the Flex website or click here to learn more.

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