Must-Have Products For Serious Athletes

The rise of endurance and multisports has seen a growing thirst for advanced sport performance products. The inaugural Australian Triathlon, Endurance & Cycling (ATEC) Expo to be held in July 2015, boasts a line-up of brands poised to colour the health and fitness landscape. Following is a sneak peak of must-have performance boosting products set to impress the pros in 2015.

1. Run like the wind with Hoka One One

As the industry moves away from the trend of barefoot running shoes, Hoka One One provides the ultimate rebound. Popular with triathletes due to its ultra thick cushioning, this running shoe absorbs shock and friction of rough terrain, whilst also providing the stability and support important for distance running. The soft and comfortable midsole allows runners to run longer with less fatigue and is a preferred distance running shoe by athletes returning from injury. The Hoka One One ‘Bondi 3’ will lift the runner and road running to a whole new level.

2. Dissolve discomfort with a Skin Strong Spray

Skin Strong Silk is an easy to apply spray that helps to prevent chafing and allows the skin to recover after cycling, running or swimming. This non-greasy, non-staining formula has a fresh signature scent so athletes can now avoid runners rub on thighs, under arms, feet and under sport bras. It is also effective to spray on feet for quick transitions in a triathlon. This convenient spray allows you to focus on the task at hand, instead of letting your body get in the way.

3. Add more to your bulk with Bulk Nutrients

With triathlete’s leading such busy lifestyles, the opportunity to train, and train effectively every time is difficult to accomplish. NO3X Pre- Workout formula is the most popular product in the Bulk Nutrients range and is targeted to athletes looking to get the most out of every session. This natural product not only helps with performance gains but also assists with focus and concentration during each workout.

4. Performance perfection is easy with Polar

Polar is leading the way in technological innovations and heart rate monitors that feed into our information and results driven obsession. New to the Polar range is the M400 – a stylish GPS companion with 24/7-activity tracking, allowing athletes to consistently monitor their fitness and activity progress. With features that track pace, distance and altitude with the built in GPS as well as help the athlete follow their 24/7 activity, calories and steps this sleek new watch is the 2015 endurance athlete’s new best friend.

5. Feel tight, aligned and empowered with Engine Swim

Engine Swim are one of the world’s leading providers in Performance Swimwear. The Australian owned company is committed to making quality swimwear that delivers both performance and style.The Iron Jammer is fully bonded racing swimsuit, which is the choice of Nutri Grain IronMan Champion – Ali Day. With the most advanced fabrics and manufacturing the Engine Iron Jammer will help the athlete achieve pinnacle in their performance.

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