Iron Edge Parallettes

Iron Edge presents Parallettes.

Parallel bars are a fascinating and demanding piece of apparatus. Simplistic in nature, it will allow gymnasts to perform incredible feats of ariel athleticism.

Naturally this adds another level of difficulty to their events, but also adds another tool to their arsenal that they practise and forge strength on. Still, gymnasts can’t exactly hike the bars around so they developed a smaller and more compact version – the Parallettes.

Here at Iron Edge, we have decided to put our own unique spin on the idea and have created the Iron Edge Parallettes.

Keeping to the gymnastic standards, the Iron Edge Parallettes are constructed around 44.6mm diameter bar and welded to solid steel. With such robust engineering, this design ensures a staggering 330kg load rating. Couple this with a wide 280mm base and 300mm of height, and now you have a Parrallette that you can have full confidence in hanging around upside down and in all support positions.

Essentially, the Iron Edge Parallettes give you more variation when it comes to body weight training and amazing performance for gymnastic skill and strength development.

There is plenty of room for transitions and full range handstand push-ups, push-up and dips. Of course you don’t have to be an elite level gymnast to gain a host of strength training benefits that are associated with Parallettes training. And considering ow portable they are, anyone can grab a set and start working towards that coveted plank anywhere.

To purchase a set of Iron Edge Parallettes for your gym or studio, complete the enquiry form below.

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