New Solutions For Filling Up Empty Cycle Studios

Group fitness specialist Les Mills is aiming to help conventional health clubs harness the power of indoor cycling by offering a new complete cycle solution.

The rise of boutique studios is strongly linked to a boom in cycle-based group fitness, with brands such as SoulCycle leading the way. At the same time, traditional health clubs offering a broad selection of activities at a mid-range price are seeing their own cycle studios stagnate. Research shows health club cycle studios are vacant for as much as 80 per cent of opening hours, translating to up to AUD$250,000 per year in lost revenue.

The move by Les Mills to help clubs combat boutiques demonstrates how much boutique studios are ‘disrupting’ the fitness market and altering consumer expectations.

As part of a complete cycling solution, Les Mills is launching a new 30-minute high intensity group cycling program called LES MILLS SPRINT™. The company is also set to be further developing the cycle space in 2016. Combining new products with its successful longer-format indoor cycling class RPM™ and the LES MILLS™ Virtual version of RPM, the group fitness provider has created a powerful solution for clubs.

“Indoor cycling is blowing up. The success and the growth of the boutique market has caught many clubs by surprise, and we’ve worked hard to create a solution that can reinvigorate the cycling studios for our club partners,” says Les Mills CEO Phillip Mills.

“While some of the solution involves new products, we are also creating strategic marketing solutions for appealing to millennials – the biggest consumer audience yet, making up 50 per cent of the fitness industry.”

With a global team of creative directors, university researchers, doctors, sports scientists and music professionals, the cycle solutions and strategies are all backed by science and research, says Mills.

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