The World’s Most Advanced & Robust Rowing Machine

AUGLETICS rowing machines are thought one or two steps further in every respect.

It starts with the optics and ends with the long-term motivation thanks to the large touchscreen, even during longer training sessions.

The perfect workout for your body
The movement while rowing is perfect for keeping your body fit or getting it going again. The combination of cardio, strength and coordination training ensures that you train your heart in the long term, lose fat and build muscle.

Fits perfectly 
The design of the Eight Style was awarded the RedDot Design Award and fits perfectly into your boutique studio or home. The compact design takes up much less space than conventional rowing machines. You can also put it upright in just a few seconds and stow it away in a space-saving way after training.

Quiet and low maintenance
Exercise without disturbing your family or your neighbours. Thanks to the patented eddy current brake, you can always do your best. All your environment hears is a faint rustling of the flywheel.

Your trainer is always with you
Rowing has to be learned properly. Correct movement is particularly important and of course a rowing machine only makes sense if you use it in the end. The Virtual Coach will help you with both. He evaluates each stroke with regard to your rowing technique and gives you specific suggestions for improvement.

The AUGLETICS Digital Coach
The heart of the AUGLETICS rowing machines is clearly the permanently installed display. It is your personal digital trainer. This will guide you through the training, motivate you and even improve your rowing technique thanks to the sensor-based feedback. With the City Maps you row with real fellow rowers through London, Berlin or Paris and immerse yourself in a virtual world. You will completely forget that you are doing one of the healthiest workouts, training your back and burning up to 900 kcal per hour (3768 kJ/h)!

Augletics Eight Style Ergometer - The Athletic Coach

We have thought of everything for you
We have thought of everything for you during the development, starting with the space-saving design to the comfortable wheel seat. 

Augletics Eight Style Ergometer - Space Saving

AUGLETICS rowing machines are only available in Europe at this time, but watch this space, as the success of their launch of the Eight Style looks for global partners.   

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