How To Give Your Fitness Business A Shot In The Arm

When it comes to creating financial results with your fitness business, it’s not how much you make that counts… it’s how much you keep.

How do you ensure you pay yourself every month and take home more money?

Well, first you need to slow down …

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Here’s what we mean. Profitability (and increased profitability) in business doesn’t happen by accident.

It’s strategically engineered.

It takes a whole lot of planning and ‘watching the numbers’ in your business to make that happen.

In fact, the more you grow your fitness business, the more important it is to be intentional about doing the strategic planning work required to ensure profitability (and positive cash flow) with your business.

Join us at our MORE CLIENTS, MORE PROFITS one-day intensive workshop and give your business the shot in the arm you need to drive more new clients and profits … while also putting systems in place to ensure your long-term success.

The 1-day workshop is 31 October at the Emergency & Training Solutions. Register today for $149. (plus GST)

Leave this workshop with clarity and path forward to grow your business to the next stage including:

  • The systems and tools you need to get more clients, serve them better, and keep them longer
  • Why you need a team to continue growing (and the steps needed to build that team)
  • What it takes to get the balance between your personal and business life while taking home more money.

Join the MORE CLIENTS, MORE PROFITS Workshop in Brisbane, and set yourself up for success in the year ahead.

Learn more about our 1-day MORE CLIENTS, MORE PROFITS workshop

Take a day away from the grind and work on increasing YOUR profits in this 1-day workshop, so you can crush your goals the rest of 2018.

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