Why You Should Consider The ELEVATE Starter Pack

The ELEVATE Line commanded a lot of attention all this years major fitness shows; IHRSA, FIBO and The Fitness Show in Sydney.

For a limited time we have a special offer on the ELEVATE Starter Pack. Pick the three most popular ELEVATE line pieces to get started and to add a new level of excitement in your club or studio.

Core Trainer
Total core strengthening – recruits abdominals, back, hips, shoulders and abdomen to work in unison for better balance and stability.

Jump Trainer
Enable safe and effective plyometric training for all fitness levels for the lower extremity leveraging both linear bodyweight resistance and variable band resistance.


Row Trainer
An ingeniously unique rower that emulates a rowing movement pattern using adjustable bodyweight resistance, the Total Gym Row Trainer produces full a body workout, integrating a strength component into a traditional cardio machine.

Get ELEVATED with the Core Trainer, Row Trainer and Jump Trainer

A large variety of exercises for Abs, Legs and Upper Body:

  • One to One
  • Small Group Training
  • Member Self Serve
  • Compact Footprint – under 10Sq.m
  • Low Capital Investment
  • Leasing Options
  • Big Bang for your investment
  • Very Low Maintenance
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