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Optimo Grip - The First Ergonomic Fitness Grips Worldwide

No1 COVID Fitness Product Worldwide

The result of 4 years of R&D introduce the next generation of fitness innovation: Optimo Grips.

The Optimo Grips provide you with 100% safety and hygiene when your training at the gym – that’s peace of mind.

Stay safe with Designed by Athletes, for Athletes
Our ergonomic grip was designed with feedback from our world-class athletes. They feature a 1 inch ergonomic wing that provides extra pressure dampening. The idea of the 1 inch wing is instead increasing the thickness (or diameter) all around by an inch, you have an extra thick section of rubber to hold the grip securely in place.

The thick section of rubber also creates a softer end for extra comfort and creates a slightly conical shape for the hands, providing a secure feeling that’s unparalleled to grasping onto conventional dumbbell and barbell handles.

They are a grip that can attach to almost any existing equipment found in gyms today.

The grip is made up of a unique silicone rubber compound that is flexible but very stout and does not compress when weight is applied. Designed to help relieve pressure and isolate target muscles.

The grip snaps on immediately and is easy to remove. By changing the angle of your hand placement, it changes your workout entirely.

We are proud to say that thousands of people all over the world are now using Optimo Grips! Trust us and get yourself the most comfortable and effective grips for weight lifting!

How do they work?
Optimo Grips attach to just about any type of barbell, dumbbell, or other type of attachment in the gym (any 1 to 1.5-inch handle). They can be used for basic lifts like bench press, curls, pull-ups, lat pull-downs, shoulder press, etc. They’ll also be helpful when using cables or machine equipment where there is a handle.

Optimo Grips are flexible enough to wrap around multiple types of equipment and are extremely easy to take on and off. They weigh next to nothing, but are tough enough to not compress when weight is applied. You can’t squeeze them like a stress ball.

Why the Grips?
Optimo Grips provide pressure relief by distributing the weight over a wider surface area on the palm, which ultimately makes each lift more comfortable and efficient than they were without. They can be used for all or one of many sets. It’s a good change of pace and may be especially helpful if you’ve hit a plateau, needing to try something different.

Optimo Fitness Ergonomics

It does not feel abnormal to use the grips. They fit snug on the bar and are easy on the hands. The angles also help to relieve pressure from your wrists and shoulders.

  • Primary Goal – Comfortable and efficient training with an emphasis on ergonomics for better grip and overall less strain
  • Suggested Lifts – Ideal for any kind of pushing exercises including dips, shoulder press, bench press, and all arm exercises
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Material: High durability silicon
  • Lifetime Warranty
About Optimo Fitness Ergonomics
Optimo Fitness Ergonomics was founded in 2017 by two partners and is a reputable and authentic, performance-oriented brand for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Offering innovation, technology, quality and unmatched value, Optimo Fitness Ergonomics continues to bring new products to the market and is the brand of choice for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes serious about their training and achieving their personal fitness goals. Optimo Grips are a patent pending product that is proudly designed in Canada.

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