LINEBREAK – Technology For Muscle Sport

Founded in 2002, Australian owned brand LINEBREAK is committed to producing world-class compression garments.

We want to take amateur, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts to the next level of recovery and performance and beyond.

Not all compression garments are created equal.

At LINEBREAK we are focused on educating and empowering industry professionals and participants globally on the best way to maximise the benefits of true sports compression garments.

LINEBREAK Compression - Our Technology

LINEBREAK compression gets oxygen rich blood from your heart to your muscles faster which means they perform better.

Getting fresh blood into the muscle means getting nasty by-products out, for example- lactic acid.

This is one way compression Improves your Performance. Besides circulation, LINEBREAK compression can reduce your risk of injury and extend your endurance by supporting your muscles.

Free shipping on all orders Australia wide.

See the LINEBREAK ‘feature’ in the Autumn Edition of the What’s New in Fitness magazine. Enquire below for more information or visit

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