TRX Pushes Personalised Exercises Design

TRX® believe that the first step of reaching your fitness goals starts with movement.

TRX® MAPS powered by PHYSMODO is a unique tool developed to get your members moving better on day one.

MAPS uses state-of-the-art motion capture technology to perform a full scale body scan in under 30 seconds then delivers an overall score based on Mobility, Activation,Posture and Symmetry.

Members also receive a series of personalised exercises that target areas of weakness.

Efficient and easy to use, TRX® MAPS empowers staff to administer screenings and to guide members on their path to improvement.

Its also a lead generation tool for up-selling personal training to current members and creating customised plans for prospective members and its fun to use.

The Gamification aspect will keep members engaged and excited to forge ahead with their fitness goals.

ATTRACT, ENGAGE and RETAIN members, and increase training revenue simply and effectively with TRX® MAPS.

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For more details on all of the TRX equipment available in Australia, speak to the team at NovoFit or enquire below.

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