The New Recipe For Group Training: Add Altitude

Featured as a top 5 fitness trends in every reputable report for the last couple of years, Group Training is part of the fabric of the gym industry and a way of life all over the world.

The variety of classes is vast, ranging from cardiorespiratory based aerobics, kickboxing, boxing, indoor cycling to mind/body yoga, Barre and Pilates to speciality aerial yoga, salsa, belly dancing, self-defence and reformer to choreographed Les Mills, Radical Fitness and Zumba to non-aerobic strength and resistance to high intensity HIIT, F45, CrossFit, Sh1ft and the list goes on (forgive me if I’ve left your favourite out).

Why Is Group Training So Popular
That’s also a long list, but the five top answer are likely to include:-

  1. Variety of classes
  2. Motivating and rewarding
  3. Social and community
  4. Structured and time based
  5. It’s a lot of fun

What’s New?
Well, there is never a dull moment in the Group Training space. New programs, versions and variations hit the market on a regular basis, not to mention the increasingly popular virtual group fitness platforms from leaders Fitness On Demand and Wexer (which should be a serious consideration for all those empty studios out there!) Every once in a while though, a new training format comes along, and it this case, it’s group training at altitude, and it’s called Altitude Factor from OXYGEN ATHLETIC.

Altitude Training & Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) Rooms 
Training at altitude has been around for over 40 years and the technology behind the production of SAT environments has improved substantially in recent years resulting in improved system cost effectiveness, systems becoming greener and cheaper to run, smaller plant room requirements, and significant reduction in noise levels.

Although there is still a misconception that training at altitude is reserved for elite athletes and professional sporting teams only, it is beginning to gain momentum as more and more clubs here in Australia take the initiative and embrace simulated altitude training (SAT) rooms as a perfect supplementary service for their client base and an awesome type of Group Training that can benefit so many people in so many ways.

Some of the benefits of altitude training include:-

  • Improved aerobic condition and endurance
  • Cardio vascular health
  • Muscular endurance (repeat sprint ability)
  • Improved strength, growth and repair
  • Weight management
  • Improved insulin and glucose sensitivity
  • Pre-Acclimatisation
  • Improved sleep and stress management

The Altitude Factor™
Created by XTREME International, Altitude Factor is a programme developed through years of experience working with altitude technology that provides a platform for trainers to access and deliver Group Training sessions for your members or clients in a simulated altitude environment.

Here are four 100% FACTS about Group Training at altitude compared to a regular ‘at sea level’ session:-

1. Calorie Burn – Whatever class or program a client does at sea level, functional training, HIIT, LIT, Afterburn theory or CrossFit, the equivalent ALTITUDE class can burn up to 25% more calories.

2. Muscular Endurance – As a client adapts to the altitude environment, their tolerance to the anaerobic component of intense physical exercise improves. Numerous studies now show positive outcomes of muscular endurance and repeat sprint ability.

3. Strength Gains – Moderate intensity resistance training under hypoxic conditions improves muscle strength and power and induces muscle hypertrophy via an enhanced metabolic efficiency in comparison to sea level training.

4. Weight Management – Altitude classes can burn up to 25% more calories that the equivalent workout at sea level. Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) or after burn is achieved with a lower mechanical load and exercise intensity.  

Training at altitude delivers a never experienced before, and offers a new dimension to Group Training and classes.

The World’s First Altitude Gym Franchise
Opening right here in Australia in Richmond, Victoria in April 2018 is OXYGEN ATHLETIC. The first altitude based functional fitness facility of its kind which will boast an extensive range of quality functional training equipment from equipment partner AKTIV Solutions Australia with the supply of the simulated altitude training environment coming from Australian designed and engineered altitude technology specialists XTREME International.

XTREME International also provide foundation and advanced Altitude Training Courses for your staff too, so you know your sessions will be safe as well as effective.

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Going to the Sydney Fitness Show from 20-22 April? Meet the whole team who have brought this Group Training innovation to life on Stand #1422.

Ref: 2018 Fitness Trends from ASCM.

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