Tough Mudder 2015 Event Season

100% New Obstacles, All New Courses, Lower Participant Entry Age and More Teamwork Than Ever Before, Redefine “Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet”

Tough Mudder Inc. was founded in 2010 by Will Dean and Guy Livingstone. Considered “Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet,” each Tough Mudder challenge tests participants’ strength, stamina, mental grit and teamwork. In 2015, Tough Mudder will host more than 60 events in eight countries worldwide.

Tough Mudder has launched their 2015 event season, which sees the world’s premier obstacle course event unveil all-new obstacles, brand new event sites and expanded age eligibility as the endurance series confirms its position as the world’s largest and most team-oriented event of its kind.

This year, Tough Mudder events will feature a 16+ kilometre course littered with a completely unique and revamped set of obstacles – designed to test both physical and mental strength. With teamwork at its core (more than 90% of participants register as part of a team), the Tough Mudder 2015 season will test the spirit and camaraderie of participants more than ever before, as the event seeks to create more fun and life-changing experiences for Aussies from all walks of life.

“In the past three years, Tough Mudder has established itself as the industry leader in the world of obstacle course challenges,” said Will Dean, Tough Mudder’s co-founder and CEO. “For 2015, we’re redefining that role with a series of changes designed to make every element of the Tough Mudder experience more fun, more exciting and more team-focused. To us, that begins with delivering the most creative obstacles ever seen on course.”

All-New Obstacles Redefine the On-Course Experience

The never-before-seen challenges and obstacles include:

  • Brand new obstacles: Ten exhilarating new obstacles will hit courses, including “King of the Swingers,” a pendulum swing off a 12-foot platform; “Dead Ringer,” a traverse across a series of inclined pegs using handheld rings; and “Cry Baby,” a tunnel crawl through tear gas.
  • Reinvented obstacles: Ice water plunge “Arctic Enema” and slicked quarter pipe “Everest” are among the signature Tough Mudder obstacles that have been redesigned. “2.0” versions will offer new twists on the classic challenges, pushing participants to work as a team.

“The obstacle innovations we’ve made for 2015 will encourage participants to work together more than ever before, while still providing the personal challenge people have come to expect from Tough Mudder,” continued Will Dean, “We’re thrilled to provide a fresh experience for returning Mudders and over a dozen new reasons for first-timers to finally take the plunge.”

On and Off-Site Upgrades Redefine the Team Experience

Tough Mudder has also introduced enhanced participation and recruitment incentives for the upcoming season.

To aid those individuals and teams resolving to complete a Tough Mudder in 2015, they’re offering:

  • Team Incentives: New discounts are available for teams of five or more who sign up for an event together, as well as corporate event packages for companies and larger organisations.
  • Entry to Teenagers: Event participation is now open to 16- and 17-year-olds who are ready to commit to the challenge.
  • Volunteers: A wealth of new volunteer experiences are available for those looking for a behind-the-scenes introduction to the event and a discount on registration.
  • Free Event Photos: Once the 2015 resolution is achieved, participants will be able to commemorate it with complimentary photos of themselves in action on course, provided by Gameface Media.

For more information on the 2015 Tough Mudder season, click here.

Participant and spectator registrations are now open for the South East Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney events. With brand new events sites, which are more centrally located 2015, it is your year to become a Mudder.

To view the calendar of health and fitness event on this website, which includes the Tough Mudder events, click here. Or to see what Tough Mudder is all about watch the video below.

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