Find Your Business’ New Best Fit At The Fitness & Health Expo

If there’s one thing you can be sure of in the world of fitness, it’s that nothing stays the same. There is always a new class or a new piece of gym equipment hitting the market to help trainers and gym owners keep clients interested in and inspired to work out.

Each year in Australia, the world’s top brands in fitness come together to unveil the latest trends and products that will influence the market in the coming year.

It’s called the Fitness & Health Expo – on at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, April 10-12 (and Perth & Sydney later in the year!) – and here is an advanced sneak peek at some of the exciting new developments in the fitness and health industry.

Kettlebells get loud

Nothing like freshening up an old favourite with a new twist. Take kettlebells for example. They’re great fitness tools but add music and what do you get? Kettlebell AMPD takes heart-pumping music and a few favorite kettlebell moves and combines them into 60 minutes of calorie torching fun. Each song focuses on a main area, while still maintaining a whole body workout.

Gamified workouts

Wave goodbye to boring gym equipment and give a gamified exercise session a whirl, with cameras and sensors watching client’s move and awarding points for every rep. Client’s can challenge themselves or fellow exercisers as they work out inside a video game. The ‘Versus’ system’s scores take height, weight, age and power into account to keep comparisons fair. The system also constantly monitors movements and gives live feedback and suggestions for improvement. Invented in Melbourne.

Gym equipment that knows who you are

Imagine if a client could walk up to a piece of gym equipment and didn’t have to adjust the seat or the weights using those awkward removable bolts that never want to budge? This is now a reality. The new milon equipment automatically adjusts itself to an individual user’s settings by incorporating smart card technology that stores a user’s biometric parameters as well as their training plan. Thanks to chip card control, the equipment automatically adjusts to the user’s individual body size and training plan when the card is inserted. This totally eliminates any setting errors, saves client down time in the gym and prevents under or overtraining.

Monitoring systems that stop you from overdoing it

Injury is one of the biggest roadblocks a client can hit when it comes to achieving their fitness goals and overtraining is a big cause. That’s why some monitoring systems will now let clients know just how hard they’ve pushed themselves. For example, the iQniter monitor system provides users with an instant performance report after the class and included is a Training Effect number on a scale of one to five. One means the session was great for recovery and five represents an over reaching session or a session that should only be completed 1-2 times per week by highly trained individuals.

Vending machines get a healthy makeover

The Lean Machine is set to turn the traditional vending machine industry on its head and give it a much-needed rattle. Selling a variety of products that are organic, raw, natural and clean, the Lean Machine menu ensures people don’t have to compromise their diet if they need to grab a quick snack on the run. Products on offer include dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free and sugar-free snacks for those that have intolerances or are simply watching what they eat, and also low-fat, low-sugar, low-carb protein options, naturally sweetened energy drinks, green tea, cold drip coffee shots and water.

Surfs up… at the gym

Surfset brings a mechanical surfboard into the gym to provide rotational core training and an isometric stability workout in one. It’s all about getting away from the traditional static workout and challenging the body in new ways. Every exercise on the board is designed to engage core and stabiliser muscles.

Running on clouds

The Zero Runner is the world’s first zero impact running machine. It’s designed to replicate the running movement but with no impact on the joints. It adjusts to the user and can syndicate with an iPad to analyse gate and track movement patterns.

Virtual fitness classes

A group fitness class without an instructor in the room? This is now a possibility with virtual fitness classes hitting the market. Bringing classes to locations that may have previously found it hard to get an instructor, such as rural areas, and making fitness classes a round-the-clock possibility at places like 24-hour gyms, these high-tech classes may be on offer at a location near you soon. With systems like Fitness on Demand and Wellbeats, the instructor appears on a screen that automatically lowers at the class’s set start time.

The Fitness & Health Expo is on April 10-12 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. It’s open from 10am – 5pm daily with Friday open only to those who work within the fitness and health industry. For more information go online for updates on features, timetables and celebrities.

Remember, if you work in the industry, entry is free if you pre-register online and provide the appropriate identification. General visitors can pre-book tickets online to avoid the queues – cost is $30 for a one-day ticket.

To find out more about upcoming health and fitness events, click here.

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