Don’t Buy Any New Commercial Gym Equipment…

…until you have a look at Total Gym’s Commercial products.

If you are one of those buyers who still think that Total Gym® is a home fitness product seen on late night television ads, we would like the opportunity to bring you up to date. For over 48 years Total Gym has offered commercial grade and commercial service products to the fitness industry. This year we have launched a complete refresh of Total Gym’s Commercial product line, called the ELEVATE™ Series. It’s the only circuit on the market to feature functional bodyweight resistance on an adjustable incline.

The complete circuit provides a 30 minute full-body workout, and a group training environment that facilitates all user levels in the same session.

Each single station unit in the new ELEVATE™ Series is ideal as a stand-alone piece on the gym floor or perfectly suited for personal and small group training. Easily adjusted to accommodate all fitness levels they’ll even challenge the most seasoned athletes. By facilitating over 200 exercises, from basic to advanced, every user is fully engaged time after time. Featuring a clean, matte black finish and a sleek profile, the entire collection will take up only 21sqm of studio space. Why spend more on other equipment that does only one thing?

Designed to be tough and provide long service in a commercial environment, ELEVATE™ Series is the way of the future.

The ELEVATE™ display had a huge response at the 2018 Sydney Fitness Show…

To find out more, contact Xen Angelides on 0451 080456 or email
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