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i-shape Tonic Vibration Reflex - Whole Body Stretching Equipment

Tonic Vibration Reflex – Whole Body Stretching Equipment

A Unique Rope Web Appearance, The i-Shape® TVR-8510E is a ‘Whole Body’ Stretching Equipment.

i-ShapeR TVR-8510E definitely is the best solution for professional user, commercial club/hotel and beauty salon. Middle intensity whole body vibration reflex training mechanism.

Tonic Vibration Reflex (TVR)

i-Shape unique tonic vibration reflex (TVR) technology uses vibration to simulate muscles and tendons to induce involuntary muscular contraction, known to enhance flexibility, strength, and explosive force. Other benefits of vertical whole-body vibration training on i-shape may include: improved range of motion, better athletic performance and shorter recovery time from injury.

Unique 3D Structure Designed

Designed to meet the training needs of human muscle. Unique grip shape mesh design, different angles, complete sculpture the body muscles. Sides convex massage design to improve blood metabolism.

Combined Dual Vibrating Platforms

The combined dual vibrating platforms and the intermediate vibration intensity makes it the only one stretching-vibrating machine manufactured. Up and down dual vibration plate design, can train upper and lower body at the same time and individual. High and low force of vibration design can be adjusted by user’s requirement.

Intuitive Virtual Personal Coach Console

i-Shape features an intuitive virtual LED coach to guide users through multi level workouts performed on the unit’s distinctive stretching cage and dual vibration platform.

  • 7 inch TFT touch panel, clearly display all kind of exercise posture and workout information.
  • User-friendly touch interface for more convenient operation.
  • The intelligent virtual coach instruction, built for a total of 8 different dynamic and static motion programs.
  • 10 sets of user editable mode and one manual mode, user can select/adjust the appropriate course and vibration strength for training.
  • Without turning on the vibration motor, the “Pure Stretch” function allows user to do the stretching by following the new colourful TFT touch panel’s demonstration.
  • 3D virtual instruction interface, shows clearly training posture and easy tp learn.

Exercise Poster

With reference of enclosed exercising poster, users just need to follow the built-in 66 different stretching and training postures and gain the effect.

Motor size:
Upper plate : AC Motor 200 W Lower plate : AC Motor 500 W Frequency range: 25 – 50Hz
Amplitude: Upper plate : Max 1.1 mm Lower plate: HIGH: 1.5mm; LOW: 1.0mm
Console type: 7″ TFT touch panel clear display console to view workout status
Read outs: Posture Exercise Program, Exercise Group, Exercise Time, Frequency

  • User mode: 10 sets
  • Training programs: Pure Stretch (Upper Body, Trunk, Lower Body) Stretch (Upper Body, Trunk, Lower Body) Strength (Core Training, Lower Training)

Portability: Transport wheels for easy manoeuvrability
Other features: Mat (30mm), Poster Option: auxiliary material (Height Adjustment) training guide, shake insulation
Dimensions: L142cm x W125cm x H193cm
Maximum user weight: 160kg


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