New Pure Strength From Technogym : Maximise Sport Performance

Technogym’s Pure Strength range of equipment reflects over 30 years spent matching human aspirations with the best form of strength training to reach the highest level of sport performance.

As Official Fitness Equipment Supplier to 6 successive Olympic and Paralympic Games, Technogym has spent the last twenty years helping Olympic athletes get fitter and better. This is the reason why many of the world’s leading teams and athletes rely on Technogym to achieve their full athletic potential.

Comprised of 15 plate loaded machines, 12 benches, 2 racks and a wide range of free weights, Pure Strength promises premier performance, ultimate design and is the ideal addition to every elite training area.

Main features include:

  • Easy adjusments. Visual Flags guide the correct positioning of the body on the equipment to achieve maximum training effectiveness.
  • Added comfort and stability. The Body Print high-density padding adapts to the shape of the body providing stability and maximum comfort during exercise.
  • Ergonomic and effective. The Pure ergonomic handgrip distributes the load more evenly, making push and pull movements more effective and comfortable.
  • Easy log in: members can obtain online program guidance by scanning the QR code or holding their NFC enabled mobile phone close to the equipment.
  • Integrated workouts: by downloading the mywellness app, members can access exercise videos, training programs and keep track of all activities.
  • Personalised training programs: trainers can gain access to a library of 2,000 training programs and over 5,000 exercises to create personalised programs.
  • 100% tested and approved: Pure Strength passed more than 188 tests for a total of 54,262,581 cycles and 1,430 hours. Technogym R&D stresses the products well beyond the normal usage to ensure maximum durability and reliability.

Five new Pure Strength pieces have just been launched in 2015: Linear Leg Press, Seated Dip, Biceps, Standing Leg Curl and Leg Extension, along with a New Olympic Power Rack – adding to the existing Half Rack – and related new lifting platforms.

For more information on the Pure Strength range from Technogym Australia or for more general info including offers and promotions click here.

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