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A day in the life of dedicated sportsman and Captain of the Parramatta Eels National Rugby League (NRL) Team, Tim Mannah, includes a daily fitness regime featuring Technogym’s high performance equipment and technology.

“Playing in the NRL competition has always been a childhood dream of mine. The circle of support from family, friends and my high school rugby league coach, has encouraged me to push myself and never give up,” says Mannah.

Since making his debut NRL premiership game against the New Zealand Warriors in 2009, training physically and mentally has been a huge part of Mannah’s profession.

His commitment and dedication to the sport has helped him achieve career highlights such as competing in the Lebanese World Cup team, and in 2010, playing for New South Wales in the State of Origin.

Training and staying in shape is a daily ritual for Mannah. Fasted cardio every morning on the Technogym Run Excite Treadmill is no ordinary session. The Excite Run Treadmill offers a fully connected cardio experience with state-of-the-art technology – from data tracking through the mywellness cloud to personalised entertainment via the UNITY 3.0 digital console.

“Before breakfast, I walk briskly for 40 minutes on the Technogym Excite Run Treadmill to help burn body fat and speed up my metabolism,” says Mannah. The Excite Run Treadmill offers a cushioned running surface that adapts automatically and dynamically to the user’s walking or running style.

One feature on the Technogym Excite Run Treadmill is the the Speed Shift Control.

Great for interval training, the Speed Shift Control allows you to simply switch from one speed level to another. “To challenge myself even further, I will incorporate interval running sessions with the aim to improve my mental and physical performance,” he continued.

“The great thing about using this treadmill is that I can log my training programs and keep track of my progress. I also use the interactive outdoor run feature, which visually simulates running outside,” says Mannah.

Technogym, the world-leading producer of design and technology-driven fitness equipment, is proud to continuously work with elite sporting teams and athletes.

“I personally choose to train with Technogym equipment as I consider the quality and technology far superior than any other product on the market,” explains Mannah. “Using the Excite Run Treadmill along with putting in the hard work has truly enhanced my overall performance.”

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For more information on the Technogym Run Excite Treadmill and other high performance pieces of equipment visit technogym.com/au

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