How To Write A Fitness Business Plan – that drives long-term success (and profits)!

Why do most fitness businesses either crash-and-burn OR stay afloat only because of the intensive efforts of a stressed-out business owner?

Thanks to a new partnership between What’s New in Fitness and NPE, we’re about to help you identify and plan for the challenges you’ll face, so you won’t get blindsided and can stay focussed on growing your fitness business with less stress and fewer crisis moments.

Fitness businesses fail because their owners don’t plan for entirely foreseeable issues:

  • Ineffective sales and marketing strategies don’t bring the right clients in the door
  • Staffing and turnover problems lead to churn and lack of client retention, and
  • Unprofitable business models and financing issues lead to cash crunches

That’s the bad news.

The good news is with a solid business plan, you can prepare to weather the current storms and predict where the next storms will be coming from.

NPE have worked with tens of thousands of fitness business owners, and when it comes to business planning, they almost always have three or four FORESEEABLE gaps that cause them to suffer down the road.

These problems range from facing constant personal and financial stress to crashing and burning.

Inside your absolutely free guide, you’ll discover:

1. How to identify what your fitness business plan is right now – even if you don’t think you have one.

2. What every business plan must include to avoid pressure and stress (from lack of planning) one.

3. The important connection between your personal development plan AND your business plan.

4. The keys to building your fitness business around the right clients (to ensure more profit and fun!)

You can use this guide to put together the business plan that will help you weather the storms and then crush your business goals.

Grow your fitness business and create the life you want with NPE.

Article written for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine – Autumn 2018 Edition.

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