Friday , July 1 2022

Evolt 360 Body Scanner


The Intelligent Body Composition Analyser with Advanced Analysis and Tracking App.

In 60 seconds the Evolt 360 scanner can record 40 different body composition measurements which are analysed in real time through the Evolt Active App.

The Evolt 360 technology does not provide clients with a ‘one size fits all’ generic measurement by using pre-set algorithms that do not account for unique and personalised characteristics of you as an individual.

Based on the most up to date scientific information relating to the BIA analysis, the use of algorithm-based measurement is key to maintaining the accuracy of measurement for each individual.

As published in scientific literature, there is no such thing as a direct measure of body composition other than post-mortem with dissection of a cadaver. Scientific validation of BIA technology has substantiated the use of specific algorithms that consider age and gender to improve the accuracy of body composition measurement. The Evolt 360 differs from other BIA products on the market by incorporating five (5) specific personalised variables to provide a more reliable body composition measurement for the individual (i) Height (ii) Weight (iii) Gender (iv) Age (v) Impedance.

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