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Life Fitness - HD Athletic Perimeter - The Pit

Hammer Strength Expands Its HD Athletic Line

Life Fitness HD Athletic Perimeter offer a versatile and compact solution for group and individual olympic training.

Life Fitness HD Athletic Perimeter - Hammer StrengthLife Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment manufacturing, has introduced a new product to its HD Athletic line. Hammer Strength HD Athletic Perimeter Racks and Storage allow facilities to create an Olympic training area in a compact footprint.

The HD Athletic Perimeter Racks and Storage offer a shallow depth of just 32”/81cm, ensuring that the Perimeter fits unobtrusively along a wall. Thus, freeing up space for a large training area in the centre of the facility.

The HD Athletic Perimeter can be custom configured as a Perimeter Rack, Perimeter Storage or a Perimeter Connected Racks. View the range online.

The rugged equipment gives a premium appearance and is built with the same quality and attention to detail that encompasses the Hammer Strength brand and its unmatched product, HD Elite.

HD Athletic Rigs, Perimeter and Half Racks are rated to 495 (225kg) pounds and HD Athletic Power Racks are rated to 675 pounds (306kg). All are built to easily stand up to what the toughest athletes dish out.

“HD Athletic is designed with the same practical engineering and athletic training mindset which has made Hammer Strength the brand of choice in the highest-level training facilities around the world,” said Greg Highsmith, director of strength product management for Life Fitness and Hammer Strength. “It’s engineered to be tough and withstand even the strongest athletes.”

For facilities that would like a customised team or brand look, the products are available in four different high wear paint options that can be mixed and matched for the frames, uprights and cross-members. The system is modular so facilities can start with a basic product and choose the style of pull-up handles desired along with other options such as bumper plate storage, power pivot, resistance band pegs, dip handles and flexible bar catches.

The HD Athletic line complements the long line of products which Hammer Strength has developed and continued to refine over the last 25 years, including products such as Plate Loaded, Ground Base, MTS, Hammer Select, and HD Elite.

Find out more about Life Fitness and the Hammer Strength HD Athletic and the brand’s full line of strength training equipment at www.lifefitness.com.au/hammer-strength.

About Life Fitness
Life Fitness is the global leader in commercial fitness equipment. The company manufactures and sells its strength and cardiovascular equipment, productive well-being equipment under the brand names Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and SCIFIT. Its equipment is distributed to more than 120 countries.

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