Interval. Your Ultimate Interval Workout Timer

Interval. Your ultimate interval workout timer.

Many fitness interval timers are boring and lifeless, and actually not super useful.

Interval is different, Interval allows you to create your own multi-activity workout and will use text-to-speech to let you know what activity you should be doing as well as when to rest.

Interval is free download and use for one activity, or upgrade to pro for just AU$2.49 and add unlimited routines.

Interval : Your Ultimate Interval Workout Timer

Interval runs in the background so you can use other apps to track your workout and the instructions will continue to be delivered audibly. You can even play music in the background to keep you motivated and interval will lower the volume of the music when it delivers your instructions.

Interval also works with airplay and bluetooth so you can pump up the volume on your external speakers while you’re working out.

Interval is available on iOS and Android or see it in action at

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