FlipBelt Running Belt

FlipBelt is a practical and stylish high-wicking fabric belt that holds your phones, keys and money.

This functionally simplistic product enhances a person’s lifestyle without looking like that tourist who is stuck in the 80s with their too tight, bulky fanny pack!

To keep items secure, all you have to do is flip the belt inward. Now, everything you need while exercising fits right around your waist.

With fitness clothing getting sleeker and more form-fitting, belts you use in your activities shouldn’t bounce, chafe, ride up or receive strange stares. whether you’re running, walking, working out, biking or hiking the FlipBelt allows you to enjoy your adventure worry-free and handsfree.

Sizing is easy…

FlipBelt - size chart

*Size tips: To ensure the most comfortable fit, choose the size appropriate to how you prefer to wear the belt. If you prefer it around your waist go smaller, your hips – go bigger.

** Depending on how/where you like to wear your belt; measure waist or hips where you ike to wear your belt and the measurements should stay around 2″ below the Max Stretch Circumference.

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