Stopping Skin Cancer Is All In The Fashion

Skin cancer is a health concern shared by all sun-loving Aussies, so we welcome “Pretty Shady” a campaign that is inspiring young Aussie to be on trend.

While many in Hollywood have made it their business to weave fashion with wellbeing and advocate a healthy lifestyle, the trend has also kicked off on home soil.

Four young Aussie role models are inspiring their peers to take a fashionable approach to sun protection and be the generation that stops skin cancer one summer at a time.

Actress and healthy-living guru Isabelle Cornish, surf and skate graphic artist Mitch Revs, FMX world record holder and stuntman Robbie Maddison and melanoma survivor Veronica Manock, are all encouraging Gen Y to work their style with a limited collection of ‘money can’t buy’ Pretty Shady products.

Along with the highly sought after hat, t-shirt and umbrella, the limited edition sunglasses and sunscreen have just been revealed through the Pretty Shady website, with young Aussies jumping onto and entering to win the coveted kit.

As Isabelle Cornish explains, “a great pair of sunnies will always make a cool accessory to your wardrobe. Being sun and style conscious go hand in hand. Some of the most distinctive summer fashion trends are also the most protective.”

Many young Aussies are unaware of one of the most devastating health issues that will affect two in three of their friends in their lifetime.

Skin cancer is not only the most common cancer among young Aussies, it’s also one of the most preventable. Working a fierce hat, showing off their own style with a graphic tee, sporting their favourite shades and keeping their skin radiant and youthful will not only ensure they’re on trend this summer, it can help change the stats.

Pretty Shady aims to empower young Aussies to think about their skin cancer risk, providing them with a collection of products to protect themselves that also fit in with their lifestyle. With a unique visual appeal, they can protect their skin at the same time as enjoying the fun of summer outdoors.

“If you’re heading outside, wear sunscreen, put a hat on, sit under some shade – you can still look amazing and have a great day at the park, the sports game, the beach or the music festival you’ve been waiting for. It doesn’t take a lot to change, look after your skin and be mindful of the body you have now, because whatever happens to it, you will live with that your whole life,” explains Veronica Manock.

Protecting your skin has never been more on trend. Like it, win it, wear it, share it and be part of the generation that stops skin cancer, one summer at a time.

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