How To Lift The Standards Of The Industry

“You have to do it!” Why Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre were so compelled to Accredited.

Paige Buse, Manager of Australia’s first Quality Accredited Business, Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre talks candidly about why they felt so compelled to be accredited, and why others should too.

Located in South East Melbourne, GESAC saw a huge opportunity for their business and the industry in the recently launched Business Accreditation Program. GESAC has 15,000 members and sees a massive 1.6 million visitors per year.

In our interview with Paige, she put a call out for the industry to lift standards together.

“I’m personally hugely passionate about lifting the standards in the industry.”

“I really believe that we need to lift our standards and reputation as an industry especially with mental health providers so they will start referring to us and see us as a serious stakeholder in their clients’ health and wellbeing,” says Paige.

“By having a stamp of approval, our community will know what they’re getting – a top-tier business service.”

Paige’s message to other fitness businesses out there who might consider taking up the Accreditation program is ‘You have to do it!’.

Scott Bumpstead, Manager of Quality Accreditation and Compliance at Fitness Australia, says β€œIn addition to gaining key insights about their operations, the Quality Accreditation program also provides business managers with the opportunity to;

  • Improve the effectiveness of their business;
  • Provide greater value to their customers;
  • and Raise community expectations of customer care and service.

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