It’s Here – The Autumn 2019 Edition of the WNiF Magazine

The new Autumn 2019 Edition of the What’s New in Fitness magazine is out now.

The 22nd Edition of the magazine, and a great resource for fitness professionals with real industry news, articles and resources to better inform you and your business.

FitPros always benefit from useful and relevant information and advice for their business, regardless of their capacity in the industry. The Autumn 2019 Edition of the magazine is no exception!

The #1 and most trusted commercial resource an industry professional can view, the What’s New in Fitness website has become a regular resource for Fitness Professionals.

Inside this edition…

14 IHRSA Event Profile

IHRSA 2019 – Four days that might just transform your club… and your life. Read now.

17 Secrets Facebook Pro Use To Make Millions

Who isn’t looking for better social results? Check out these failproof
strategies that virtually guarantees the success of your Facebook ads in 60 days or less. Read now.

18 Establishing A Successful Large Group PT Program

As always, many clubs, studios and trainers are looking to establish new profit centres. Some look to expand their current 1-on-1 training offering. Find out what other pathways some decide to explore. Read now

20 Leading The Way In Working With Mums!

It’s been over a decade since Jen Dugard first decided to turn her fitness business into one that specialised in working with mums. Now Jen’s encouraging other fitness professionals to take the lead . Read now

23 Maximise Sales Yield & Retention

In this ever-changing world, we all know that there’s not much in business that more sales won’t fix. Read now

26 Finding Your Niche

Between myself and my business partner/husband, we dug ourselves a little niche market. Read now

Other Feature Articles

28 5 New Ways To Increase Your Business Revenue (Part1)

Its not easy to come up with creative ways to make more money, so here are five options that could not only bolster your bottom line, but also enhance the training experience in your club. Read now

31 Gym Profile: Science Of Fitness

Craig Mac is behind the scenes to gets a taste of an ‘awesome work-out’ at Science Of Fitness in QLD and chats with owner Joe Agresta. Read now 

34 How To Hire & Develop Quality Coaches

No-one really wants to build a team of fitness coaches (at first). But for many successful fitness professionals, circumstances force the issue and you realise that going it alone won’t get you to your goals. Read now

38 Taking Fitness Australia To The Next Level

New Fitness Australia CEO Barrie Elvish gives us an insight into recent developments and initiatives. Read now

41 What’s New…

Our 10-page Feature Product section showcases by category, What’s New across commercial fitness product ranges, business services and other equipment. In this edition we spotlight these six categories (view now):

42 Education view now
44 Fitness Equipment view now
50 Fashion & Wearables view now
51 Technology view now
52 Fitness Training Aids view now

55 Five Questions With…

In every edition of the WNiF Magazine, we get the heads up from a prominent representative of the commercial fitness supplier community. In this edition, Craig Mac interviews the Australian Partner of Body Bike, Lee Smith on the pursuit of perfection, why Body Bike is ready for change, product innovation, and future plans for 2019 and beyond. Read now

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