Evolt 360 Taking On “Healthy” Horizons

Heathy Horizons is a fitness business in the seaside “village” of Dodges Ferry in Tasmania.

It has been operating for almost 8 years and is a fully equipped gym, group fitness studio and soon to have an additional yoga/wellness studio. Healthy Horizon’s goal is to ignite their community to have amazing, adventurous lives.

Healthy Horizons has built a truly exceptional reputation. It is renowned for innovative programs, exceptional customer care and a community focus that is second to none.

Christine Gaby with the Evolt 360 Body ScannerAt the beginning of the year, owner Christine Gaby was introduced to the EVOLT 360 and was impressed by the information the scan provided and the seemingly simple setup. So much so that in June this year her team decided it was a worthwhile investment. “Up until the EVOLT 360 we had been using skin folds for assessment which was only telling us part of the story, plus of course it is time consuming and can be intimidating for our clients.”

The EVOLT 360 had only been in Healthy Horizons for 2 days and the team had completed over 70 scans. With the simultaneous launch of the “40-day focus”, Healthy Horizon’s clients were able to address ways in which they could improve their results in a long term, sustainable way. “The scan was the catalyst for looking at sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise and other wellness habits we wanted our clients to address.” Christine explains.

I actually think this machine could save peoples lives. We have been able to have the difficult conversations with clients about visceral fat, low lean muscle, a high Bio age or having extremely low body fat. We can then set about creating an informed plan to progress and track improvements.”

“The scanner has been a BIG wake up call for some of our members. One even told me they had been kidding themselves about their own health and instantly made some drastic changes.”

The EVOLT 360 team ventured to Tasmania to train the Healthy Horizon’s crew. “I was impressed by the support and training the EVOLT 360 team have and continued to offer us. With the EVOLT 360 we are looking forward to expanding our services outside our gym and into the corporate setting, increasing our revenue and impact on healthier communities.”

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More information on the EVOLT 360 Body Composition Analyser is available at evolt360.com, by calling 07 5659 1958 or enquiring below.[/box]

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