Coco Joy Coconut Water – The Ultimate Gym Companion

Most people are familiar with sports drinks and the importance of electrolytes in replenishing the body after intense exercise. However, what few people know is that these drinks have been designed with elite athletes in mind and are not necessarily the best option for average healthy Australians. For example, some 600ml sports drinks contain almost as much sugar as a 375ml Coke!

Enter Coco Joy, who specialise in delicious coconut based products, with a tantalising Coconut Water made from young green coconuts being a hero product for the brand. Coco Joys’ Coconut Water is packed with flavour and electrolytes, and also boasts no added sugar or preservatives – making it perfect for a healthy workout refresher.

Coco Joy has provided some insight into the benefits of coconut water’s use as a natural workout refreshment, making it the ultimate gym companion!

Referred to by some as Mother Nature’s sports drink, Coco Joy Coconut Water is the ultimate workout refreshment. Other sports drinks on the market do contain sodium and potassium however; they are full of sugar, artificial flavours and sweeteners.

Coco Joy Coconut Water is also high in antioxidants and is an all-natural product that will suit the hydration needs of many types and intensities of workout. Other than sodium and potassium, Coconut Water is also rich in calcium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus – all while being low in kilojoules.

As a testament to the humble Coconut Water’s staying power as a sports beverage, cricketing legend Sir Viv Richards has fully put his support behind the Coco Joy brand, accepting the role of Global Ambassador. Viv is renowned around the world for his sporting prowess with some arguing that he is the greatest batsman in history.

Coco Joy Coconut Water is also the sports drink of choice for the Manly Sea Eagles, Melbourne City FC and The Melbourne Renegades. Next time you’re heading for the gym or about to pound the pavement, leave the sugar at home and take the healthy option with you instead.

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