Amazonia Launches New Raw Fermented Paleo Protein

Leading health food company, Amazonia, have launched their brand new Raw Fermented Paleo Protein, in vanilla & lucuma flavour, catering to a growing number of paleo diet followers.

Made with nourishing wholefood ingredients, the protein combines a sprouted base with fermented seeds and greens, plus superfoods such as whole Peruvian sacha inchi, fermented spirulina, quinoa and chia.

Using the unique principles of fermentation that have been in practise since the Paleolithic Age allows for high-bioavailability of nutrients in a form that is gentle on the digestive system.

With just under 80 per cent digestible protein that is vegan and grain-free, Amazonia Raw Fermented Paleo Protein provides high levels of amino acids essential for muscle development and body functioning in a wholefood form, making it the superior choice for many athletes and nutritionists.

“We’ve seen a growing demand in the marketplace for a natural, wholefood protein option that is Paleo friendly,” says Founder and Director Dwayne Martens.


“As with the rest of our Raw range, the Fermented Paleo Protein is all-natural, containing nothing artificial and no fillers; just raw, whole foods.”

The Paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet, is based on eating the foods our ancestors ate during the Palaeolithic era, before the agricultural industry emerged. This industry has led to an increase in widely available, processed foods, with processing often removing many of the essential nutrients our bodies need. Amazonia do not advocate any diets, but believe in eating as naturally as possible.

Available in most leading health food stores, Amazonia’s Raw Fermented Paleo Protein joins the Raw range of Greens, Immune, Vitamin C, Multi, Pre-Probiotic, Energy, Protein Isolate, Slim & Tone Protein and recently released Sugar Crave Release Spray.

Developed by doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists and the team at Amazonia, the raw range focuses on what our bodies really need: simple, raw, whole nutrition.

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